Now i know there have been many threads about this and the regedit thing and all that...that's fine to do that if you don't wanna see the right movie it's fine. but personally...i just started playing ff7 about a month ago and I wanna see all the videos no matter how short. I like cutscenes/videos in games and i would like to see the right ones. first of all you will need to have all your videos on your harddrive in one folder and do the regedit thing to change the directory of the ff7 movies to that folder.

1. get the youtube downloader at

2. go to this page and click on the thread with the name of the video you need. or just go to youtube and try to find the video yourself...the first one is easier i think.

3. click the video to go to it's youtube page

4. copy the url into the youtube downloader and make sure you have save as AVI

5. click start on the downloader and wait for it to finish

6. go to the location of the file and rename it to whatever the video's name is in your ff7 movies folder (in my case it was jairofal)

7. copy the file and paste it into your movies folder

8. click yes when it asks if you want to replace the file

9. play the game ^^

that is what i did anyway and it worked for me. i just wanted to watch the correct videos ^^ reply and tell me if it works for should but just in case it doesn't....and if my directions aren't clear enough email me or try to catch me on windows live messanger