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FFVII on Vista

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    FFVII on Vista

    I was rummaging through a box of old games i have and found my copy of FFVII. I thought that i hadn't played in a while so i loaded it on to my new Vista pc, low and behold it didn't work. big shock! After alot of googling and reading lots of forums today with people saying that FFVII doesn't work on Vista I started playing about with different codecs and bits of software that claims to make old games work, i have worked out how to make it run. This is what you need to install:
    DirectX Media 6.0 SDK (avalible from the Microsoft download ctr.)
    combined-community-codec-pack (
    Then it runs perfectly. (If you want to install the 1.4 patch you have to run the patch installer in compatibility mode for xp)

    I hope this helps some people.

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    hi, this worked for me on vista. thanks!

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    disc isn't loading on vista...

    i'm on a hp laptop with vista and i downloaded the 1.02 patch and up-side-down patch, installed everything, and the disc is in the pc, and it says please insert disc 1, 2 or 3. I am at a complete loss, please help some1....i've been to so many fourms and really want to play this game!!