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Thread: Navy Field

Navy Field

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    I play it. Level 73 Fuso and IJN crew around 85.

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    Originally Posted by AceMan1Duck
    i dont like navy field srry it took 4.5 hours to download. I just cant wait that long.
    OH this game takes half a day to download (with commiecast) and it still has 1980s graphics and clumsy game play settings ,well for now its just taking up space on my PC .this game takes up a lot of space I think I MAY KICK IT TO free up space for hmmm my girlfriends photo shop stuff and the new world in conflict game plus CoH.

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    Navy Field is worth it

    Hey everybody! I was just on Xfire and I noticed a really cool opportunity. There is an event going on called the Navyfield event and the top prize is an Ipad 2. The game is free to play and all you have to do to enter is play in Xfire’s guild before June 13th. For more info follow this link:

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