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Ace units

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    Ace units

    What about a way to PIMP my battleship/plane etc

    many airforces had ace pilots who would paint thier planes to identify themselves apart from the regular pilots etc

    so heres the idea......
    as mentioned before there should be a ranking system to identify experienced players, based on your rank you unlock new camo/paint jobs like in rainbow6 maybe even the ability to add more guns to a plane or extra ammo in a sub etc.

    You could save these units in a "players hangar" like the garage on need for speed, and say for example if you had PIMPed a wildcat, any level that has wildcats in it you have the option to launch your ace unit, but once destroyed you cant use it again until the next game.

  2. good idea!
    we discuss intern last time about this theme!
    some of -=)CSF(=- said "we need an own flag" some said "we need an special paint" and i said "we need an special clan badge"
    in the game i played before u can use this badges 64x64 and all clans use own!
    random also!
    as you start the match you load all this badges automaticly!
    also u could prepare this badges whit alpha channels to make some parts invisible!

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    I can't stand to insert an interesting historical fact I read recently about this.

    As for the Japanese air-forces the policy during WWII at least for the fighter planes was that the pilot never had it's own designated planes. It meant that the same pilot used different planes even within a short period of time. They still painted the "KILL"s on each plane it was achieved with. As a result it happened many times that a plane piloted by a "rookie" got some respect in the skies from the Americans simply because based on the airplane's paint it looked like an "ACE".

    This represents the huge difference in philosophy and style of the two cultures represented between the fighting parties by Americans and Japanese...

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    I think that we can combine my idea with your idea! I "Pimp my ride" style battlefield would be awesome. I have always dreamed of my twin hulled Yamato with eighteen 18" guns...

    But I'm not keen on it being in a play match. I think that an idea like this should be a totally different playlist all together. Just my thoughts though.

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    Dremora, I think your idea has some merit, i have worked with naval games and designed them that include adding units and new classes based on a set income that is available to the player per mode based on how the home country economy is doing, and what the decisons of that country are for support of naval forces, such as in the UK it was immensly strong and they had a huge fleet in WWII, in the US fleet support was so so and then got stronger, Italy strong and got weaker, Germany erratic to say the least, and Japan, very strong and it created the best fleet in the world of that time but very erratic doctrone made parts of their fleet basically useless as with the fantactis fleet boat submarines that were wasteed totally......

    so to enhance your units and add to them, even contstruct them would be a great addition to the game.

    To customize them would be another kind of game tho I feel, IMHO....tho many may want just that.

    In reality there were some symbols of personal affiliatoin with units, such as designs and markings on planes, kill marks and decals on subs, and barrell rings on some combat ships, but more often such markings were unit designators and NOT personal in any way, as commanders and skippers rotated and changes units and certainly did not take the markings with them.

    But I can see how such customizeation would be fun for some, and would think that perhaps they could be an opotion, but would not apply historically.