Thread: *FF7 Won't Let Me Save My Game!!!

*FF7 Won't Let Me Save My Game!!!

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    Unhappy *FF7 Won't Let Me Save My Game!!!

    I haven't gone that far into the game yet- just ready to go past the midgar zolom. But it suddenly won't let me save! I'd spent about 10 minutes trying to get the 'beta' enemy skill too......

    When i try to, a message comes up reading 'Not enough space left on Save data file'

    I have an 80gb pc which is just over 2/3s full, and i've only used up 5 data files (i share the game with my brother)
    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Cool Easy fix

    When you start FFVII, simply right click and "run as administrator" should be one of the options. You can also change the FFVII file permissions set so anyone or just that specific user can write new information to the FFVII directory.