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Thread: TR Legend: Nepal, getting out!

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    TR Legend: Nepal, getting out!

    I'm playing the PC version of the game using the keyboard and I'm having an extremely difficult time getting across the crumbling stone platforms in time. Lara jumps off into space without me sending her in that direction, nor is there time to orient the camera behind her to insure that the next jump is lined up. By hit or miss I've gotten to the third platform, but never in time to make the jump to the forth, much less the stairs. There is no other way out.

    There are very few time trials in Legend, so why do they have such a difficult one at the end? Not to mention the fact that I have to sit through a cut scene every time the blasted thing reloads. Thanks heaps for that one, Mr. Developers.

    Any suggestions? I've already loaded the patch. I can't play with a gamepad because it comes up disabled in the options and it won't budge.

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    This is a toughy. I have the same problem with the crumbling stairs in the England King Arthur Museum ("Yeah, Pipe down Alister..."). I suggest you memorize the path to the end, use the arrow keys to move her, and try to jump so that you don't need to turn too much, as I've never had that problem with the crumbling platforms. Just keep trying!

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