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    Custom Creations

    Well, since this is a focus group, I wanted to see what you all thought of this idea. I have posted it before, but we were all too busy posting what we wanted to see.

    My idea would be like this: A player could build their own ship and keep in in their 'port'. These customized ships could be used in a special Arena Mode or something like that that allowed players to use their ships to battle each other.

    They could buy parts via credits they win from games. You could buy a hull, guns, and superstructres. This would open an enitrely new gameplay that could attract players from different games, like Chromehoudns, Armored Core 4, and other games like that.

    You would be able to play on any map with your ship, then have fun playing with friends or other players. This could bring about ships such as battle-carriers, or a submeribal (SP) carriers like that one Japanese submarine.

    I think that this would bring in a lot of new players along with give us veteran players something new, and fun to do. This is just an idea I got from seeing the game Naval Ops, or Navy Ops, something like that. Hope you like!

    Also, in case I wasn't clear enough, the menu would look something like this.




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    I could see some potential in this. What I think it does is creates a whole separate MP arena area. Take a map like Coral or Sibuyan, or any map for that matter, require every player in this "arena" match area to have one of these custom ships/fleets available; pick sides; Give them some limited free placement zones; and then let them go at it.

    However, I think I would draw a distinct line betwee this "arena" area and the standard set of XBL scenarios. I don't think I would want one of Dremora's modified BBs sneaking into my conventional Coral Sea match.

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    Kinda like Chromehounds for teh 360?

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    Originally Posted by chip5541
    Kinda like Chromehounds for teh 360?

    That would be sweet. I don't know if the whole customization thing would work, but if they did the whole online persistent War Thing that would kick ass.

    Imagine forming a squad and having a World Map with strategic Battle Locations?

    Each unit assigned a point value and you can pick whatever you want to go into the battle? Awesome

    Like each Player gets 200 points to work with

    Carrier = 175 points
    Yamamoto/Iowa class =175
    BB = 100 points
    CA = 75
    LCA = 50
    Sub = 50
    DD's = 25
    PT = 10
    minisub = 10

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    oooops didnt read this thread before I posted something very similar hehe