Thread: FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – beware of scams

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – beware of scams

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    I've only seen 2 marked '(deleted)' across the several characters I have on two servers, I have a total of at least 100 across them all, hence my belief little concrete is being done. Of course, if people weren't careless and let their accounts get stolen in the first place we'd be a lot better off.

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    i have played wow and gw and gw2 and in more than 6 years mmo playing time any of my accounts has been hacked. but hey the ff arr acc was hacked after 8 days or so! maybe it was a se database witch was hacked. and just maybe it is to hard for se to do the job they are paid for!
    btw no i dont use the same pw on every acc ^^
    and an automatic ban system oh yeah just let it become stuck or bugged and ban every player from one country or every play with the same provider ..... yeah automatisation is nice but its only there to make human lives easier. but this time it just couses trouble se get sad users and maybe looses potential players. if 1 of 10 players of a group premades is banned like this the other 9 wont play further.

    btw: two days ago i couldn't see my chars in the mogry station
    yesterday i could see them
    today i cant see them again ^^

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    I do notice more sellers on Gilgamesh than on Odin, maybe they are attracted to the name GILgamesh lol

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    What would you do...

    If you received a friend request in-game and decided to accept it, thinking that person was your friend? And all of a sudden he starts sending you lots of gils? You know you're in need of gils and this random friend request turns out to be a lifesaver.

    Would you: -

    1. Immediately take the gils then delete him off your friend list?
    2. Report him immediately for given you too much money?
    3. Return him all the money and remove him off friend list?
    4. Take the gils and continue keeping him in the friend list?

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    I got suspended for suspected gil purchase cos I added someone into my friend list, not known he was a Gil seller. Now my account is full of gils and SE thinks I purchased them. I got suspended based on SE's suspicion just because I failed to report a Gil seller. Yep, my fault. Maybe I shouldn't have been greedy and took the gils. I'm sorry if some pure innocent an well brought up kid is gonna go saying "but you shouldnt have been greedy, you should have reported him."

    Got thrown out of Titan HM 16 hours ago, account still suspended. Way to go SE! Now my weekend is ruined cos you decided "hey let's ban this account cos it has lots of gils suddenly." I know a bunch of people with hundreds of millions of gils, 1 with at least 1b, why aren't they banned yet?

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    I am in the same boat.. I have called support everyday asking to speak to a supervisor and he is always out or just stepped out.. I called thier NA corporate number and the receptionist that answered gave me a phoney email address.. She said she would forward it to the appropiate person.. I have wrote a complaint to the BBB, which they alrdy have around 25 complaints since this game came out.. I have also contacted a lawyer to see what I can do because the way they are doing this is a ripoff.. You pay for a game and the game comes with free 30 days but yet they wont replace those days.. I understand that "yes" i should have had a longer password or the one time security but things happen and for them to just cancel your account,especially if u were like me u have only been playing for 6 days.. That's just completely wrong and like most gamer's know that all it takes to figure out if someone was really hacked is a simple IP check from the days before you were hacked.. Of course the game was only 30$ but 6 days of time for 30$ is a ripoff..

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    Choices choices, well given that SE have started to ban/suspend account with large amounts of Gil then option 3 maybe the way to go but personally I'd probably take it, blacklist them and either invest the money in a FC or store it in a retainer lol

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    If I valued my game account I'd return the mail and remove him from my friends list and /blist him. I think I'd also report him as a suspect gil seller who got the name wrong of his customer to whom he was sending their 'goods'.

    Keeping it is simply an account ban waiting to happen, eventually SE WILL get round to the gil sellers and SE have in the past banned buyers as well as sellers.

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    I have a friend who was asked to craft some gear for someone, he did 6 items and this random dude gave him 25k per item! He quickly invested the money in his FC so it wasn't on his account, just in case.

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    That wouldn't protect him, SE's logs show all gil transfers (among other things) so they'd know where it went. I'm trying to get a grip on the current hysteria over allegations SE are suspending all accounts with over 8m in their attempts to investigate RMT, as per the threads on reddit and the XIV forums.

    As usual, no word from SE at all simply feeds the fires of rumour, SE really that unbelievably uncommunicative company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with: I play their games in spite of SE, not because of them.

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    In that situation though where someone has paid for items then they shouldn't be banning people for receiving the money even if it's well over the going rate but as per the numerous threads on the lodestone, genuine crafters who have made a lot of money through legitimate crafting are getting banned. SE really need to be wary of alienating players who have done nothing wrong.

    For example if you sell a high quality item for a large sum of Gil and the buyer happens to be either a gil seller or someone who has bought gil then why should you be penalised/banned for it? You can't control who buys items from the market place.

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    I'm not disagreeing with you Hippy, SE seem out of control ATM I suspect they're in panic mode. I'm not prepared to take what I read on Reddit at face value, nor what is posted on any forums, however the reports are so numerous I wonder what hell IS going on.

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    I know you wouldn't, we're on the same page us two lol. It just is rather worrying but like you said you can never really know if said persons have done anything wrong but I'm inclined to believe some are being banned through association (unwitting at that), like being gifted money for making items or doing melds or just selling things on the market place.

    I also think that just having large amounts of money isn't a reason to ban without investigation, I think that the people who have done nothing but craft (and reach level 50) could have easily made millions legitimatly through the markets.

    But SE aren't exactly being forthcoming with information again and these are mainly rumors (minus the few people who have posted pics of bans).

    As for reddit, I never got on with that place, it's just too messy looking lol

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    Still any anwer, any changes, awesome SE.
    For sure this was the first and the last MMO out of this kitchen for me .....

    btw here a defination

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    Here's the latest details about recent bans which can be found on the Lodestone forums Here

    Regarding Actions Taken Against In-Game RMT Ads and Illicit Activities (Oct. 1)

    RMT and other illicit activities upset the balance of the game and, as such, are prohibited under the Terms of Service.

    Because we have confirmed the existence of players who are engaging in these illicit activities, we have taken the actions listed below.

    - Date: Sep. 12 – Sep. 30, 2013
    - Accounts receiving disciplinary action for RMT site advertisements: 6,154 accounts
    - Accounts receiving disciplinary action for illicit activity: 156 accounts
    - Action Details: Termination from FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn

    - Date: Sep. 28, 2013
    - Accounts receiving disciplinary action for RMT/illicit activities: 568 accounts
    - Action Details: Termination/Temporary suspension from FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
    * Accounts of egregious violators will be terminated.

    - Total Frozen Gil: Approximately 367,700 million Gil
    * Gil of temporarily suspended accounts will be confiscated.

    Included in the above are players who used/obtained gil, items, or actions through fraudulent means. Although we are taking the utmost care and attention to prevent such actions, players who discover any confirmed cheats should, under no circumstances, exploit or disseminate such information. Instead, we ask that players file a report by using the in-game command [System Menu] -> [Support Desk] -> [Contact Us] -> [Report Cheating].

    In addition, the recent maintenance operations have implemented countermeasures to nullify the effects of the aforementioned cheats.

    We will continue to take stringent disciplinary action against any accounts with confirmed involvement in RMT/illicit activity; players should take care to steer clear of any activity that violates the Terms of Service. Please be forewarned.

    * "Cheating" consists of using third party programs or tools to conduct actions players would not normally be able to do in the game (for example, obtaining gil or items through illicit means, traversing at extremely high speeds, warping, using automated means to operate your character while you are away from the game).

    This doesn't specifically mention the threshholds for 'too much gil' and only vaguely references that you could receive a ban (temporary or perm) from unwittingly buying or selling goods on the market to anyone involved in RMT activities which then makes you a money launderer

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    Rolleyes Report RMT bug

    Lots of RMT's bots in guildhests and dungeons:auto open the treasure chest and get reward gil.
    For example, four archers use hack auto teleport underground(avoid damage ),once every one minute to complete guildhest.
    It is said that 100,000 gil one account one day in level 10 guildhest,
    500,000 gil one account one day in level 35 guildhest,
    get lots of philosophy buy peacock ore in level 50 dungeons and so on.

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    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – beware of scams

    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – beware ‘fake’ emails

    It’s come to our attention that some Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players are receiving emails claiming to be from Square Enix, warning that your Square Enix account may be suspended if you sell it on to another person – and that you should verify ownership by following a link.

    To clarify, selling accounts does indeed contravene the EULA that you will have accepted before playing the game; but in this case the email (printed in full below) is not genuine, and players should NOT follow the link it suggests.

    The text of the email (minus the fake link) is reprinted below – please pass this onto anybody you know who is playing FFXIV, and if you are concerned about your account security or have any questions, please contact official Customer Support (Europe / North America).


    It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell your personal Square Enix Account(s). As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement. If this proves to be true, your account can and will be disabled. It will be ongoing for further investigation by Square Enix Account's employees. If you wish to not get your account suspended you should immediately verify your account ownership.

    You can confirm that you are the original owner of the account to this secure website with: [LINK DELETED]

    If you ignore this mail your account can and will be closed permanently. Once we verify your account, we will reply to your e-mail informing you that we have dropped the investigation.


    Account Administration Team

    Thanks! --Square Enix Account”

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    But I didn't even want to sell my account.. can you tell me where to get the link so that I can fix this? thanks in advance.

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    Sorry to trouble you sir. they said I need to login to contact support.. how can I do that if my account is suspended?

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    If your account was suspended, did you receive an email concerning this?
    If not, hmm...perhaps you could create a second account and use that in order to contact customer support regarding your original account?

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    I didn't receive any email regarding that, but I think I'll just try what you suggest.. I'll create another account and contact them. thank again sir.. I tried doing what they told me when I tried to login, an error message appears with a link of changing a password. i tried that but still the same.

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    There is no need to thank me, but since I am not part of the FFXIV team I believe the only thing to do is to try to contact customer support, one way or another. Best of luck now and feel free to keep us updated with your progress.

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    Question Blacklist Full - Expansion?

    Are we going to expand the blacklist? Mine is full of gil spammers. And now have to tag myself as busy all the time just so I don't receive gil spam from tells. And constantly hear the (bling) sound. But cause I do that my PC friends can't send me tells. I suggest expanding the blacklist to at least 500. prefer 1000. as long as the game is running should have the option to blacklist all gill spammers. Also maybe delete characters names from banned accounts that way i could free up some space. Something has to be done. I don't want to constantly have to be busy cause of constant gil spammer tells. Minty Dragonflame - Zalera
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    [Important] Warning regarding phishing emails/messages
    ― please be very cautious as the contents of the fake websites and fake emails are being cleverly disguised.

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    Is Square Enix illegally entrapping it's user's?

    I'm not sure about everyone else but i'm tried of reporting bots for SE to not do anything about. Why is it over the last year all but 1 company has been eliminated from selling gil? There's only 1 left still selling gil and people are still being banned for buying it. Yet no matter how many reports go into reporting bots, how many videos are taken of them being logged in 24/7 they are still there. It's starting to seem that Square Enix wants them there so they can ban people buying gil from them. Now in the U.S.A. that is called entrapment and illegal.

    Is the company i've been supporting since 1988 just a bunch of fraudulent scum? Which of the gm's on that game is being paid by the gil sellers to look the other way?

    Oh and don't think i like people buying gil either. I despise RMT's in any game and i especially despise the bots.

    I feel Square Enix owes us yet another apology out of the many they've already owed the people that have supported them the many years they have been in business.

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