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Thread: 'DX-IW Unified Texture Pack' *replaces* older texture packs.

'DX-IW Unified Texture Pack' *replaces* older texture packs.

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    Originally Posted by DukeNukem101

    Im havin trouble removing the unified texture pack as i messed it up, i removed it manually by deleting it on drive c in deusex 2 folder and deleting it on start, my programs and when i try installing it again it says ive already installed it can some tell me how to fully uninstall it manually

    so if anyone can help me please reply

    Why did you uninstall it manually when there's a dedicated uninstaller file there? You could also have uninstalled it through Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

    Now that the damage is done though, you can download and use my cleaner file. Run it and go through the pages. In a window you should eventually see an option to remove the texture pack. Check it's checkbox and click 'Clean', and after it's finished you should be able to install the texture pack again.

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    works fine now, thanx

    i uninstalled it manually because my uninstall setup messed up

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    1 more problem now i can only install micro texture pack not others

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    The whole point of the Unified Texture Pack is that when you install it, you don't need to install any of the other (and older) packs, because the Unified pack contains all the textures from the other packs (although some in updated versions). Why are you trying to install the Micro Texture Pack? They're all in the Unified pack.

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    Does this texture pack make the game run better. I have installed it.

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    -There are no performance enhancing tweaks added in the pack. Instead, since the higher res textures are larger both in pixel size and data size than the originals, it will more likely make the game somewhat slower on some systems. That said, the game uses very little memory originally, so the added memory requirements of the texture pack shouldn't be a big problem for modern PCs adequately equipped for gaming. The engine is in itself a little unstable though, so the game can be sluggish at times even without any fan-made textures installed.

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    I applied the texture pack all looks better but everything went real slow. Also when playing Half life 2 demo i get in the set up options i get hardware transform & lighting grayed out but it is in software, thats funny i got a Nvidia GeForce 6200 graphics card so it should be hardware please could you give some advice John.

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    DX:IW is a very demanding game. Even though newer and more technically modern games run well on your system, DX:IW's engine is a little slow in itself and needs some "brute force". The GeForce 6200 is rather weak, and I think I would recommend a newer and more gaming-geared card to play DX:IW. Something like the 7900 or later card of the same quality.

    But you're right, your card should do hardware T&L. I can't really help you on that, other than suggest that you update your drivers.

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    Yes john , the trouble is my PC CPU motherboard can only take normal pci ( not express x16 cards ) and also pci express x1. My PC is a Dell Dimension 3100. I can if I want uprade my ram to 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory so rather the 512 ram i have that could add an advantage. Good thing is the DDR2 ram is the memory on the card. I have updated my drivers to 94.24 whql which has temperature indicator. The newer ones do not have that.

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    Sorry for doubleposting but I was not able to delete my post from the other retexture thread. Anyways. I tried accessing John P.'s page with DX:IW textures - - but I get a 509 error (bandwidth exceeded). Anyone knows if that will be remedied soon? (Next year I guess ).

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    Originally Posted by SimplexPL
    Sorry for doubleposting but I was not able to delete my post from the other retexture thread. Anyways. I tried accessing John P.'s page with DX:IW textures - - but I get a 509 error (bandwidth exceeded). Anyone knows if that will be remedied soon? (Next year I guess ).
    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    I get that too.

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    John that texture pack looks wicked i might play dues iw again. Keep up the good work.

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    Just another thanks to John P - I just finished playing Thief: Deadly Shadows using his texture pack and am now playing DE:IW with his textures applied as well. That's one great benefit PC games have over consoles: like Beaujolais Nouveau, console games will never get any better and should be consumed immediately, while PC games often improve with age.


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    I tried to download the Texture Pack aswell, but I get This webpage can't be showed (No error code) So Someone that has it can that person upload it to rapidshare/megaupload or something?

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    What's goin on

    Hi i just decided to give invisible war another go and wanted to download this texture pack but when i click on the link i get a page that says the site doesnt exist.......

    if you can give me a new link or send me the file to my email directly i would loooooooove you all.

    my email is pleeease help.

    PS:i notice you made a similar texture pack for thief 3 can you do the same for that as well please and file to email thanks.

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    HEY PEOPLE!!!!

    I am from the future...

    I need to know how to change outfits and facial textures...

    Alex D Male and Female...

    I want Alex D to wear the green one...

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    Just want to thank whoever made this. Excellent!

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    1 page is offline where i can downlod the texture?

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