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Thread: New patch 1.1.1. for CD version available.

New patch 1.1.1. for CD version available.

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    well i recognized that some news have been deleted on the official Battlestations side. Now it's impossible to download the Missionpack again. Why that? Also the Patch isn't any longer available on the HP. Well ok i can tke it from this side. But wouldn't it be better to see it also on the official HP. Besides i still need the Iowa Pack!

    What i mean is the following link:

    it was on the mainpage from but it dissapeared...

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    Securom Error when updating

    Original DVD-version installed and started correctly, but after installing 1.1.1 patch the message comes up: incorrect DVD/CD entered.
    OS_ Vista-Home-Premium 64-Bits

    Any helpful ideas? (I already installed and re-installed several times all with full administrator access)

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    Well, starting with the obvious:

    -Is the CD in the drive when you patched?
    -Did you patch to Version 1.1 first?

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    Been there, done that......
    Actually the read-me stated patch 1.1 was included in 1.1.1. So no I hadn't.
    But just tried to install just 1.1 and the exact same problem: securom place correct DVD/CD
    Even when starting from the DVD it still gives the same error.

    Oh how I love these CD-protection programs. They are the major cause of program incompatibillity with Vista (oh by the way: don't patch CMR Dirt either as it will cause the same issues)

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    Try switching drives if you have more than one.

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    What about some patches for your MAC users???? It seems like you guys are really forgetting about them these days...

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    I think they forgot about BSM period.

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