Thread: Eidos releases screenshots from Dinner Dash

Eidos releases screenshots from Dinner Dash

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    Eidos releases screenshots from Dinner Dash

    Eidos Interactive has released 10 screenshots from Dinner Dash game, that will be available on PSP and Nintendo DS in May 2007

    Go to to view the new screenshots.


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    I love this game~

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    yeah! diner dash is kool i play it on the computer

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    Big Grin

    I like this game, but I cannot play it long. All the same TombRaider it is better!

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    Loved this game to bits!!! On the computer

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    Great Screens!!

    I love this game in PSP

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    I loved Diner Dash the original, the little comics are just a joy to read, and I loved the way flo was drawn, always so laid back and kewl.

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    Dinner Dash!!!

    Diner Dash blends the best in fast paced-action puzzles with a build-your-restaurant-empire theme that encourages players to serve their way from a two-table diner to the top of the restaurant ladder - starting with a run-of-the-mill greasy spoon and ending in a dream restaurant that will take your breath away.
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    really funny game ! great screenshots !
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    I miss this game especially when I discovered Overcooked.

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