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Thread: Greatest Memory of the series.

Greatest Memory of the series.

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    It would definitely be just walking around the world map in VIII. So many beautiful vistas that you just stand there staring. Very few games did that for me.

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    One of my memories were just being excited about getting a new move in 8 and 9. The beauty of those moves was so hard to not think about!

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    Starting the original up when I was 5, there was something magical about it, and I'm glad I got into it.
    Definitely my most loved RPG series of all time.

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    You're probably gonna think I'm copying you, but when I stepped into the field The map, the monsters, all seemed so... magical. I was mesmerized by the art style. Also there are games so great that they feel different when I play them the first time and halfway or at the end, they make me feel like I'm experiencing another amazing adventure. DQIX did this for me at least four times!

    There's another one: when I found myself in DQVI: PRICELESS

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    Ahhhh, it won't fit in the slots: Tales of Fantasia, DQ1,2,3... other GB Color or Advanced.

    It's a bit of a nuissance, will any way like a drive, adapter, or way to have a transfer
    of DQ and GBA, even a way to end using recent DQ 4-6 and 9 releases to work along
    the 3DS internet. Bloody annoying it all changes just a year after 6 changes.
    Had to keep my DS lite to use GBA still and keep my DQ6 sharing thing running.

    By the time DQ 5 or at least 6 came out, should have been prepaired of street pass and so on...

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