Thread: Vallon spire broken. BUG REPORT

Vallon spire broken. BUG REPORT

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    Exclamation Vallon spire broken. BUG REPORT

    As i ascend vallon spire, i got off on lvl 46, to see all the guardians already checked off as if i had beaten them already. but no stair case. so i clicked each of them again to see if that would get the stairs to appear, to no avail. what do?

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    Contact Customer Service.

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    Originally Posted by Grimoire
    thank you. will do.

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    vallon spire still glitched

    As you can see from the images above. I have defeated all the guardians on level 46 of vallon spire. And yet the stairs up to the next level have not appeared.

    I have sent in a bug report kany times to customer support and the majority of the time I get the response;
    "support is not for game advice/tips/strategy help."
    what part of this looks like me asking for tips on how to advance? Is there some trick to making the stairs appear on level 46 that is diffrent from every other dungeon in the entire game?

    Long story short, when I advanced from lvl 45 to level 46, all the guardians were already checked off as if I had already defeated them before i even entered the stage.
    No stairs were on the level.
    I proceeded to fight all them anyway to clear the level.
    no stairs appeared.
    left the game and came back. Same issue.
    power cycled the device. Still same issue.
    reinstalled the game after uninstalling it. Same...
    left to the world map and climbed all the way back up... same issue still...

    So basically I just want to be able to finish the tower so I will have done everything that can be done story wise to this point.

    Any advice is welcomed from anyone with any ideas I mah not have thought of.

    -android 4.3
    -samsung galaxy s3
    -no it is not rooted/jail broken
    -been so long I no longer recall the actual date issue started... months ago now...
    (I forget what else they usually ask for)

    (This thread is mainly here so I have a place to point support so they can physically see the issue in the screen caps )

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