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Thread: FFXIV: Purchasing Problems

FFXIV: Purchasing Problems

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    FFXIV: Purchasing Problems

    Important: Should you ever run into any purchase-related issues, contact customer support.

    Having trouble with an order on our online store?
    Get help by calling 310-846-0345 or via email at our support site.

    -Customer Support Links-
    North America:

    To reach the support site for the SQUARE ENIX GAME STORE/E-STORE, please visit and log in.
    If you require additional assistance with your order please contact Digital River directly via phone at 1-866-585-3251.

    I apoligize if this is the incorrect forum, but I do not have acces to the FFXIV forum because I cannot yet register my game.

    Anyway, I recently purchased Final Fantasy XIV boxed edition (not the downloadable copy) from the official Square-Enix online store with USPS shipping. However, I have received neither an email order confirmation, nor a tracking number (the number on the web invoice was an order number, not a tracking one). My question is, does Square Enix even send out order confirmation emails? (Before you ask, yes, it has been a few hours since I ordered, and yes I have a registered email address with them).

    Thanks in advance.*
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    I feel like the last time i ordered something from square online it took awhile before i got the email, but it has been awhile...

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    Just two weeks ago I ordered all Kingdom Hearts video games (from KH1 to KH3D). I got an email afterwards about my purchase, and then another about some items being out of stock but then like three days later I got yet another email about then items being shipped. That final email included the tracking number and all. I got my items earlier this week, that is, of course, excluding KH3D since it isn't out yet.

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    Thanks for the insight. However, as I have still yet to recieve an email after a day, I wonder if my order even went through... I completed everything on the online store, but perhaps the credit card was denied (though if that was the case, shouldn't I get some sort of notification)? Basicaly, what I don't want to happen is me waiting several weeks, only to have to guess the order wasn't processed and order it again, only to recieve a duplicate order. I have gotten emails from Square-Enix in the past, so I know they have the right info. Would it be possible to call / contact Customer Support to clarify the matter?

    Edit: I was just being impatient. I did get the email, just now.

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    I just purchased a PC download of Supreme Commander 2 yet I have not gotten the confirmation for purchase nor the option to download the stupid thing

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    Armando i just bought ff14(digital download) and same thing for me, this is a joke, i mean how long should it take to atleast let me know it didnt go through.

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    Jon same for me I got the FF14 and I got an email from visa saying my card was charges. So I know it went through, no email confirmation no link to download game nothing..... What the heck? better show up soon...

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    I Got a problem after purchasing

    I just Bought FFXIV( PC Download ) and all went through even took money from my Visa card. Yet , I still didnt get any instruction of how long the process will take or anything, It just took my money :\

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    I got same problem :\ what to do ? and from where we download it?

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    I got same problem :\ what to do ? and from where we download it?

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    I've bought the FFXIV download before and I got everything quickly. It's ordering physical items that's always a problem for me.

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    same thing just happened to me

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    ok do i need to be in the US so i can buy it online ? though it took my money already :\

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    Hello. I just bought FF14 last night and I was able to install it. However, I do not have my game code so I cannot create an account because I do not have an order yet I did buy the game digitally from the store. What gives?

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    I had the same problem last night, had to wait a few hours..... as for making the square enix account associated with ff14 (yes there is another account... wtf i know), i cannot login and ive reset my password multiple times and I cant get in the fricken game.. lemme know if u have any luck. I hope other ppl know whats going on

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    It's been 12 hours already. How much longer does it take?

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    i was able to get it quicker, so i dunno why it isnt an instant thing in the first place. Over 12 hours though, i dont know

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    I don't have any confirmation emails either. I can guarantee that I was able o see the code because I was able to Dowbload the game. I just can access it anymore

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    So I purchased Final Fantasy XIV about an hour or so ago and I have recieved no email or message confirming the purchase. Yet the credit card I used was billed. I've read several threads about this but no real responses as to what is up with it. Did anyone who had the problem get the game eventually? Or still waiting?

    Update: Over seven hours now and still no email or anything of the sort.

    Update 2: It's been well over 12 hours now; closer to 16. Still ABSOLUTELY nothing. I sent in a ticket about 12 hours ago and nothing back on that either. This is the worst online purchase experience I have had to date. What gets me is if it's declined let me KNOW so I can at least order it from some other site that has a reliable online shop instead of this mess.

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    me too i purchased it an hour ago and didnt recieved any MAIL PLEASE HELP!!

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    i didnt get mine too i wish i recieve it as soon as possible *_*

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    FFXIV: Purchasing Problems

    I paid the money to buy it right now.*What should I do.*I can not see the mail after I paid for it.
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    Did you download the game and install it?

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    Not. I can not download it.I paid and deducted money from my bank account.And I do not see what was going on.Please help me

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