Thread: Commandos 2 Savegame Backups

Commandos 2 Savegame Backups

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    Commandos 2 Savegame Backups

    Hey people,

    I want to reformat my computer, and was wondering if there was a way i could back up my savegame data. Please do reply quickly. thanks...


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    I'm using vista and installed commandos 2.

    Whenever i saved a game, the new game doesn't appear in the output folder however there's no issue for me to load or continue to play the game. It's just that i don't know how to back it up and continue to play it on other PC as i don't know where the save game is saved. Could someone help me on this . Thanks

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    Thumbs Up save game location under Vista

    I had the same problem
    I found the location by saving a dummy save game and then searching my whole drive for *.sav with a modification date of today

    Anyway here is the path (replace YOURNAME)
    C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Commandos II\OUTPUT
    Just copy all files (not just the .SAV, but also the .cfg, msb and dat file) from your old installation here.

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