Eidos Interactive is pleased to announce a new website, http://www.zendokugame.com , to support the upcoming launch of ZENDOKU, a new puzzle game for the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) platforms that blends exciting puzzle battle action with addictive Sudoku gameplay.

The new ZENDOKU website, featuring the same colourful and whimsical Far Eastern visual style and light-hearted martial arts theme as the game itself, hosts a range of game-related material including details of the game’s storylines and gameplay modes, character artwork and biographies, gameplay tutorials, downloadable wallpapers and themed Instant Messenger icons. The website will also host a trailer of the game to demonstrate the fun Sudoku Battle Action.

ZENDOKU is the debut Nintendo DS title from Zoonami Ltd, headed by industry veteran Martin Hollis, the Director/Producer of the critically acclaimed and best-selling Nintendo 64 game GOLDENEYE 007.

With an intuitive play style, an accessible learning curve, entertaining character storylines, and a comprehensive range of single-player and wireless multi-player game modes, audiences everywhere can find the path to enlightenment with ZENDOKU.

Source: http://www.qgamo.com/news/2007031901