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Thread: somebody post up a hamachi server

somebody post up a hamachi server

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    I had some pretty good games last night..

    Had 3-4 good games with 7 others. Got my arse kicked more than once, but still had fun.

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    on hamachi or via gamespy?

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    Originally Posted by poisonpill
    on hamachi or via gamespy?

    Via GameSpy...

    It's kinda strange.. Last night there really wasn't any instance of lag.. But today I tried to play a couple times and my planes were doing some really funky stuff....

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    ventrilo server will periodically be up...

    I'll try to keep this up as much as possible for the next week or two.
    PORT: 3784
    Hope to see you guys there!

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    MY HAMACHI SERVER (download client to)

    client download for my server


    hello this is my client download its ownage its got prayer and everything!
    its hamachi so here are my details:
    network-runescape v 3
    or u can just user silab but u wont see skillcapes (created some custom capes)

    how to join to my server-ok load up hamachi then click on that star button and then click join network (mine) type in runescape v 3 and then put in my pass which is 123.
    then load up then type in your username,your password,my ip ( and leave port at 43594. click login and there ya go enjoy my own made server or client. thankyou.
    any trouble add my msn -

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    tonight i can start up an server on hamachi im currently online on sniper midway and battlestations 2 if there is enough animo i will start it tonight report here if you want in an houwer or 2

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    runescape hamachi server

    brand new server hoping to be great community 24/7 no lagg to see the rest of the game please join our hamachi network which is:

    networkname- equalizerscape
    networkpass- 123

    need few admin and mod staff so log on and hopefully be lucky we'll be waiting.

    owners are:

    stephen and ginoownez

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