Thread: PC with STATIC IP to Router/Modem

PC with STATIC IP to Router/Modem

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    PC with STATIC IP to Router/Modem

    This might help some people with connection problems.

    Most DSL Modem/Routers (M/R) come with DHCP turned on and what this means is when you connect your pc to the M/R it will give your PC an IP Address.
    Normally this is fine; however there is a BUT when port Forwarding.
    When you port forward you have to allocate the port to a specific PC IP address. eg, However if you M/R is turned off for a while and restarts it might assign another IP to your PC like So if your ports are forwarded to you will no longer be able to connect.
    The best option is to set a Static IP address to your pc and then open the ports in the M.R to point to this address. Sound hard to some but it is very easy.
    Anyone who would like some help on this just post here or PM me



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    Thanks for a great post, Col.Falcon.

    I'll move this with a redirect to the PC forum

    (And I'll sticky it too.)

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    Thanks Keir, I just Realised that I had posted it in the wrong Section

    Opps, My Mistake

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    Can you put it in more basic terms or explain more.

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    thanks for the info falcon

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    GOOBER74 What type and Brand of modem do you have.

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    if you dont know anything about IP reservation on your router a quick trick is to goto control panel, net connection, right click ur LAN or WiFi connection properties, then goto TCP/IP setup your IP in line with your routers subnet, ie if your router is set urs to, set ur subnet to and your default gateway to your routers IP and your Primary DNS as your router IP, this helps also if you hav network drives that resolve via IP as oppose to hostname, enjoy

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    I have a linksys WRT54G.

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    PLZ speack english, i have no idea what my lan or wifi properties are or got to get to them.

    can u like make is easier by saying:
    click start
    go to controlle panel....
    and like that instead saying:
    go to TCP/IP...
    i have no idea what that means lol


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    if you dont get what he has said here you are basicly screwed. you need to have some one come to your house that understands networking a little to do it.. no its not that hard to do but if you have no clue it would be almost impossible to teach. the game is screwed up enough to not let people run it then its not worth it.

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    man its their job(not the communities) to make things simple as possible so odnt tell me to go waist my time a leran about computer stuff.

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    go to your router homepage via your web browser. is common

    look at your settings there, just go through all the tabs until you see the options described above. For starters.

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    snoopey, what router do you have? (make and model)

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    will its lynksis and i dont know what kind it is man.

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    Originally Posted by snoopey
    man its their job(not the communities) to make things simple as possible so odnt tell me to go waist my time a leran about computer stuff.
    No Snoopy its not their job to make your lan work or teach you how to setup your modem. The readme file lists the ports that you have to open. and thats all they have to tell you.
    You have to have a basic understanding on Networking to get by now days.

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    Col. Falcon i could use some help. PM sent!

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    I agree with Falcon and I know, if you've got a Linksys router and look very well in their manual or website that you can find how to set your router to your pc and vise versa which makes a nice home network.

    A router is just not some piece of hardware you plug between your pc and modem and start playing. A router needs attention and a set-up to work as it should to your needs!

    I've been using a linksys router and modem-router for 6 years (2 yrs router, 4 yrs modem-router - though, the type of router of both are the same) and I never complained about it as I never had problems once flashed with the latest firmware! tbh, I'm thinking that Linksys is 10 times better then D-Link.
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    I could not agree more with you. Keeping your firmware up to date is very important.

    Although i use a SMC modem/router i never experianced any problems. If one still has problems just check out This site is really pwnage and helps you out with any brand of router so you can play games without any problems.


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    EDIT: I forgot to mention I'm running off wireless if thats any help or anything

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    please can you help me

    Originally Posted by Keir
    Thanks for a great post, Col.Falcon.

    I'll move this with a redirect to the PC forum

    (And I'll sticky it too.)

    Every time I try to host a game I can create a server and choose the MP map I want, but as soon as someone try to log into my server; my server quits/shuts down with the message "need to open port 6500 for incoming traffic."
    So I went to my control panel on my PC---> I opened windows firewall----> I opened exceptions----> I chose the "add a port" option ----> gave it the name BSM with port number 6500.... but still the same problem as soon as someone tries to log in, my server still shuts down with the message "open port 6500 for incoming traffic."
    So I still cant host a game, can you/someone please help me???

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    Tirpz after patch i could no longer host or join games until i changed my dsl modem back to router mode, wtf why i dont know.

    If its still asking for that port open, maybe your isp blocks it for some spaz reason, or you could try running your modem in DMz Mode (no security all ports forwarded). Remember however after gaming turn off DMZ as it leaves ports open for unwanted queries other than just games.

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    Which ports to forward

    I can log onto gamespy (in-game) fine but it always seems as if their are never people online (PC). I think it might be a firewall problem.

    I have a lynksis modem (built in firewall that is enabled) and know how to set up port forwarding, I will set up my IP to a static one but I want to know which ports I must forward and on the outgoing to what domain/ip address do I forward them to (or even if I need to set outgoing ports)

    I also have the zonealarm free firewall and I havnt found a ports forwarding menu. (win xp with the built in firewall disabled) I alowed the program to connect to the internet so that shouldnt be a problem.

    thanks in advance

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    A simple Google search would've solved this. I typed in "ports to forward for battlestations midway" and boom got it. Here it is. Also, ZoneAlarm is fine once you tell it to always allow the program. When you got to host a game, it might also ask once more. Tell it to always allow and you're done there.


    To log in and browse games in-game via GameSpy, the following ports need to be forwarded:

    6667 (IRC)

    3783 (Voice Chat Port)

    27900 (Master Server UDP Heartbeat)

    28900 (Master Server List Request)

    29900 (GP Connection Manager)

    29901 (GP Search Manager)

    13139 (Custom UDP Pings)

    6515 (Dplay UDP port)

    To host a game behind a home router / firewall device the following Port Forwarding settings need to be configured. Please consult your router manual or supplier’s support site for details how to configure this.

    6500 (Query UDP port)

    1042 (Query UDP port)

    2302 (DirectPlay UDP port)

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