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    Exclamation kernel32.dll

    I had TweaksRus drivers and I installed Nvidia latest. Still, I am offered to send an error report each time when I start the game. And it finds some problem with kernel32.dll

    My graphics card is Asus nVidia 6600GT 128MB

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    intrepid_soul Guest
    From our support site:

    This was caused by a security update that was released by Microsoft in August. The quick fix to get your game back up and running is to go to the Control Panel, and then Add/Remove programs. Check the box that says Show Updates, and find the file that reads Microsoft Security Update KB917422, and simply uninstall it.

    Microsoft Update will continue to try to redownload this file, and if at any point it is reinstalled the issues will come back.

    Microsoft is currently aware of this issue and is working on a fix, they have a hot fix available that may solve this problem. Please follow this link, if you have any questions you should contact Microsoft support directly

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