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Thread: Tomb Raider Ledgend Help

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    Rolleyes Tomb Raider Ledgend Help


    I'm a new member here. This is my first visit.

    I bought TR7 just yesterday. The CD gave me two options before installing:
    Option 1: Features On (GForce - Nvidia)
    Option 2: Features Off
    I chose the second coz i have ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series on my computer (I found this on right click - properties - settings).
    The game was ok and the graphics were ok too BUT when playing the game lara moves swiftly but sometimes in certain points it slow downs repeatedly. I mean, i knew there's something wrong just by seeing the menu (Lara on the background moving a little bit slowly and mouse cursor is a little bit slowly too) So, all on the same day. I downloaded the 1.2 patch but soon I found out it wasn't for the CDs versions. It was for the downloaded versions. The website didn't clarify that. After downloading this 1.2 patch and try to play the game again by the hope that the graphics would be improved, it didn't work out and gave me a msg that it should be closed and sorry for the inconveniece !!! All by the same night, I found the 1.1 patch that says it's for the CDs. I unistalled the game and then reinstall it but the installation progress was too slow and gave me error msg that i should read the read me file. I ejected the CD and then inserted again NOW the CD is not working. Tried it couple of times, still didn't work out. I tried other DVDs & CDs. All worked BUT TR7. I stayed the night to figure out what to do. I'm really hopless and really need your help.

    I'm not good in computer language, so :

    Pentium 4 - Microsoft XP Professional Version 2002 SP2

    ATI RADEON XPRESS Series 200 (Chip Type: ATI display adapter (0x5A61) - DAC Type: Internal DAC (400MHz) - Memory Size: 256 MB - Bios Information: BK-ATI VER008.0461.003.000)

    Pentium (R)4 CPU 2.80 GHz
    2.80 GHz, 448 MB of RAM

    I don't know if there's anything that should be added. That's what i found. I just want to know if the graphics problem can be fixed or not. And if the DVD Rom is broke or not functioning, will it be recovered by formatting the PC? Plz, and further information would be totally appreciated.

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    Have you checked that the system, graphic and sound drivers are all up to date on your PC. That is the most likely cause.

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    ATI RADEON XPRESS Series 200
    The XPRESS is most likely your problem, below is Minimum Required add-in graphics card

    100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64 MB 3D Accelerated Card with TnL (GeForce 3Ti / Radeon 9 series)

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    Smile Thank you guys, both of you!!! zillion 10x

    Ya, i found out just this day that i don't have a VGA at all . I don't know, that's what i found when i toke ma PC to figure out why this lovely game is not workin. He told me i don't have a VGA (GeForce or ITA) and if i need to play this game i've gt to have a VGA installed dun

    The sad news is that i found that my DVD/CD-Writer is broke and i'm waiting till monday to see if it will be fixed or not which i feel it's broke . I don't know.

    Thank you guys for giving attention to this thread. But, there're these questions i need to ask you:
    -1- Will the game run properly with a GeForce 6200? That's what i'm thinking of buying!
    -2- How do i know the Speed RATE for the DVD rom? I mean, how do i get it from the computer?
    -3- Can a DVD sometimes cause damage to a PC DVD Rom? If yes? How & Why?
    -4- If i may ask you guys, What kind of a DVD Rom would you recommend me to buy and use? I mean, what is the best quality, (ex, Sony, Sharp, .., I don't know!)

    Thanks in advance

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