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Thread: (fan-created) Lok 6 Concept Art Thread

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    Thumbs Up (fan-created) Lok 6 Concept Art Thread

    Due to the interest in fan-created LOK 6 Concept art, we've elected to create the following thread for you to share your work. Much like the Community Art Gallery (which is a more generalized art gallery, we request that this thread be reserved for posting your art while this thread be reserved for discussion.

    Looking forward to your contributions!
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    These are not mine...
    I even forgot who sent them to me through skype but I haven't seen them before

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    Well, here's a couple that I am happy with.

    This is a picture of myself I painted over in Photoshop to look like Elder Kain, with a scene from an RPG I also play him in as the setting.

    This is a pic of me painted over in Photoshop to look like young Kain from BO2.

    This is a banner I used to use for a sig.

    I think I submitted this in the regular art thread, but this is me painted over to look like a Hylden.

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    :shrug: So, Smoke suggested that a non-painter might try a hand at word-painting... If someone is very much opposed to this interpretation of the word "art", I'll delete the post, of course.

    Here is an old bit, minimally adapted to be a stand-alone piece.

    —and then, finally, the door opened.

    The inside was not dark. As he crossed the threshold, he realised why: scattered all about the floor of the cavern, there were odd crystals which gave off dim, yellowish light; however, still strong enough to see clearly the scene in front.

    (For a moment, he wondered if the crystals had been shining all the time since the creation of this place, or if they had activated only when the door had opened. Probably the latter, he decided.)

    The place was shaped like an amphitheatre, with low, wide tiers surrounding a circular space in the middle. Several set of steps joined all the tiers; they were now standing at the top of one of them.

    Everywhere he looked, there were bodies.

    Bodies: lying directly on the stone ground, packed one closely to the next, as closely as the massive black-feathered wings allowed. He approached one: it was a female, perfectly preserved—whether due to the cold air or the curse which had granted the vampires immortality, there was no telling.

    The female was lying on her side, in the foetal position. Her eyes were open in an expression of blissful anticipation. There was a flask in her hand, and an odd purple pigment at her mouth; a pigment which, he supposed, might have once been purple froth.

    He looked around; and now, that he knew what he was looking for, he found it everywhere: small flasks or cups, sometimes still held tightly in hands, sometimes lying next to them, released in the final spasm of death. The vampires must have shut themselves in here, and then taken poison in a vain attempt to escape the curse cast on them; unaware that even after death, they would remain chained to their bodies, and unable to leave this place.

    And now, of course, his new liege lord would attempt to raise them and heal them of the curse. He wondered if the Scion was even aware of how complex the magic he so casually used was; or what levels of power it required. The vampires must have delved deeply into the magic of Death after their forceful dissociation from the Wheel.

    In any case: if Kain managed to raise the vampires, but not heal them, they were potentially facing a thousand mad, bloodthirsty creatures. If he managed to raise and heal them, they would only be facing a thousand vampires.

    Neither perspective was especially appealing to the Hylden.

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    Janos from the Demon Dimension

    This is my concept of a post-demon dimension Janos. Providing he's been there for a few thousand years.

    Good or Evil, Friend or Foe, he's ugly regardless.

    Demon Dimension Janos JPEG 1130X695 pix

    I intend to do a more interesting version with an environment, more characters--possibly Kain or demons, and definately a better sword... (no, that's not supposed to be the Soul Reaver). But I think I'll save such a version for that art contest Umah mentioned might be announced this month? hehe
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    Heart of Darkness

    Here is a little bit for you. Kain and Janos meet for one last time in Turel's Stronghold. I cut out a lot from the conversation, but I still like some parts of it.

    Well. Enjoy, and tell me what you think of it!

    An apparition awaited him there, in the darkness of the chamber; an apparition which could be Janos Audron—and again, it could very well not be him. It was only when the being spoke that Kain knew for sure that he was at last in the presence of the ancient vampire; for though Janos’ shape was different, his voice had stayed exactly the same as it had been when Kain had met him previously, millennia ago.

    “Greetings, Kain. You have tarried much in coming here,” the creature said; and there was more than the slightest hint of reproach in its voice. Then, it added, “But at last you have come.”

    “I had to take the long way,” Kain replied. “Besides, you had the advantage of me, Janos: I had to search for you, while you knew where to find me all along.”

    The unspoken question hung in the air; but Janos—the creature that must have been Janos – ignored it. Instead, he said simply, “You have changed much, Kain.”

    Something of Kain’s thoughts must have reflected on his face, because the Audron continued, in an oddly impassive, unconcerned voice, “So have I: the Hylden’s words came true—”

    If it were possible for any living being—a vampire—to be constantly on fire; to burn eternally and neither feel pain nor be by the flames consumed – the appearance of such a creature could perhaps approximate what Kain was facing now. In the darkness of the room—in the darkness of this whole place—Janos stood out in sharp relief: a living torch, from the top of his head to the tips of his wings to the tips of his talons, a fiery shape which only barely resembled the vampire whom it had once been.

    Perhaps the only fixed feature in this mutable, fiery shape was Janos’ eyes—but even they were now changed: instead of the vampiric yellow, they were the colour of copper and molten gold.

    “—And so has the land,” the vampire finished. “It reminds me,” he shuddered lightly: a ripple moved through the fiery body, “of the other place. You have killed my firstborn.”

    “You have imprisoned mine for eternity in this sword,” Kain retorted, taking the Reaver off his back.

    Janos’ eyes lit up at the sight of the blade. “The Reaver! But—Raziel—your son—”

    For a moment, there was silence as the vampire digested the news; soon, however, he spoke up again, saying coldly, “The Reaver was created to imprison one creature only. The Hylden Champion. If I had been mistaken, and this is what Raziel was… Good. With him within the blade, the Hylden have lost, even if they do not know it yet.”

    Kain watched the old vampire in silence. “Yes. The Hylden,” he said at length. “Tell me, Janos. How did you escape them?”

    The vampire did not respond, as though he had not heard the question; instead, he turned, and walked a few steps towards the window which gave onto the smokestack.

    “You are bringing the Hylden to Nosgoth. That is good,” he said, touching the Nexus Stone affixed to his breast.

    Kain started on hearing this; but this time, the surprise soon passed as Janos finished, “They are much weakened now, and unsuspecting of us. When we strike, we shall destroy them easily, once and for all.”

    That Janos had apparently made a decision in the name of them both suddenly irritated Kain. “I have no intention to destroy the Hylden,” he replied.

    “No?” Janos asked, looking at him sceptically.

    Kain considered the matter. “No,” he replied at last. “Like the humans, they have proven willing to serve me.”

    “Ah, the humans!” Janos suddenly became agitated; and given his former calm, the contrast was all the more striking as he asked, impassionedly, “And do you intend to make them equal to us as well? Them, amongst whom we should walk as gods?”

    “I have been a god. It grew boring quickly.”

    Janos was clearly disappointed by the answer. “And so, you are bent on empowering the ignorant. The undeserving.”

    Kain sneered. “At least, they were not the ones who chose ignorance over knowledge. If the vampires had not declared that the Hylden be Unspoken, they would not have managed to surprise me by their return.”

    A ripple passed through the fiery face; then, Janos turned his eyes away from him, saying, “We had our reasons.”

    “Reasons?” Kain demanded. “What reasons were there for an action against all reason?”

    There was a silence; and then, Janos said simply, “The last creed our God had spoken unto us before the eternal stillness.”

    “Your God, Janos,” Kain strained to keep composure; this conversation was definitely taking a wrong turn; or perhaps it had taken a wrong turn long before; perhaps even the moment it had started, “is nothing but a parasitic fraud.”

    Janos looked at him calmly. “Yes. He said that you would be telling me this.”

    “I have proof.”

    “And this. But, Kain, at last—at long last, I have heard His voice. He has spoken to me; He has forgiven me; and He has brought me release from the land of exile. What proof can you give me that will nullify these truths?”

    Flames danced in the copper-and-gold eyes of the apparition before him; hellish glow enveloped it like an affectionate parent would cradle a child; and, not for the first time during this talk, Kain wondered if the madness of the Demon Realm had touched only Janos’ body; if, at some level, the madness of the heart of darkness did not resonate with some darkness deep within the Audron’s soul.


    Perhaps taking Kain’s silence for lack of argument, Janos resumed his talk.

    “He has told me to await you here—to lead you to those bastards of your soul which must be put down before the land can be restored. And now, we shall destroy the dissenters as you have destroyed the sinners; and then, we will finish the deed and be ourselves reborn.”

    Kain laughed. “Reborn? As humans? The ignorant? The undeserving? You said that yourself, Janos: to them, we should be as gods. You chide me for making them our equals; yet you would become one of them yourself?”

    For a moment, he thought that this appeal to Janos’ sentiments worked; for something akin to a shadow of a doubt twisted the fiery face; but then, the grimace disappeared, and the face became smooth and peaceful again; set in the unwavering affirmation of the true believer.

    “No,” the Audron whispered, “No. What penitent would I be if I let myself doubt so easily—if I rejected the just punishment? And you,” the ardent eyes suddenly bore into Kain, and, for all the millennia of his experience and for all his might, the Scion of Balance had to force himself not to take a step back under the force of this fierce gaze. “You. If you refuse your destiny; if you would not fulfil your duty—then you are no vampire; no saviour; and the Reaver is not your due. Return it this instant, heretic.”

    “And who are you to decide who or what I am, Janos?” Kain growled. “I have earned the Reaver with my blood and my firstborn’s soul. No; I shall keep it.”

    “Then, Kain,” the ancient vampire replied sadly, “you leave me no choice.”

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    "My plan failed but I do not understand is no matter what matters now is that Kain is dealt with accordingly. The Hylden imprisoned in another dimension are of no further use to me, Moebeius is dead but even living his staff completely useless against Kain would just lead to his inevitable death. Mortainius is dead...ah, Janos Audron is a possible candidate...but how to bring him back to Nosgoth...of course...of course..."
    Squiddy laughs maniacally and a silhouette appears seemingly digesting what had just been said. "I shall have to report this to my lord..." saying this the silhouette disappears amidst a mist that seems to be generated by the person's body.

    Kain: Gazing at Nosgoth I realised that my task to defeat the...benign squid I had just encountered would be laborious at the least. If what I had fought was only a part of that beast's body then to kill it would be a near impossible task. With the Vampire Citadel toppled I would have to look elsewhere for answers, however I knew my answers would not lie in this era but somewhere in the distant was time I visited the Chronoplast Chamber once again where I had taunted Raziel.

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    There's some good work here, keep it up guys
    "Damn you, Kain! You are not God! This act of genocide is unconscionable! " ~ Raziel, Soul Reaver

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