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Thread: Xbox live gamertags

Xbox live gamertags

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    BlueNinjaFerret here

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    also Steel Brute

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    Any one feel free to add me VVVVVVVVVVVVV

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    gamertag is CovariantKlink (ColonelKlink was taken so i had to make due)

    feel free to add me

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    My gamertag is StormOfShadows. I should be playing this game a lot to get away from the crap in COD3.

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    i wish the friends list was 200 or more... 100 is too little!!!

    the sad thing is that i frequently play with ALL the people on my list, except a few good ol buds who are in the military right now... but i plan on giving them a fat welcome home (i also have a few buds in britain who are in the SAS, thanks for your service!)

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    Wedge Nz

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    Hillbilly501 ,Y'all come DOWN now ya hear?

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    Battlestations: Midway Lieutenant Commander
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    Aug 2006

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    Jan 2007

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    Jan 2007
    Tensing surprisingly hehe

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    Hm... what would mine be? somebody want to take a quess?

    lol, no it's not a tricky question it's just Sciurida, i would like it if you'd add me...

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    Originally Posted by StormOfShadows
    My gamertag is StormOfShadows. I should be playing this game a lot to get away from the crap in COD3.
    New maps for COD 3!!
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." ---Robert Frost.

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    yep you guessed it Warhawk21114 is my tag!

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    They call me Lester
    Being 41, I'm lucky my colon still functions.
    Gamer Tag is Lester Ziggs

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    unique78 - Add me only if you're over 20 and not into that hiphop yo mamma crap. I've got a few friends getting it but it would be nice to have more people on my list when they are not online.

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    Lookin forward to getting whooped. I'm 24 and like rock.

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    m t freestyler
    aussie aussie aussie OI OI OI.
    The barmy army need to pull their finger out seriously

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    IM new here sorta ive been follwin yall fo a while (an no! im not copyin Neromans' name! ive had this fo a hot minute) but my GT-Nero06

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    Big Daddy Ken

    BIG DADDY is eagerly waiting to report for duty!

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    "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" -David G. Farragut
    Gamertag: Stinger503
    Games: Halo 2, BTF2:MC, SPC4:DA, Brnot:Rvng, COD2&3, GOW, RNBW 6:Vgs

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