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Thread: Xbox live gamertags

Xbox live gamertags

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    Cheers mate it was doin my head in now lets hope the demo hits live soon

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    ya thank you

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    finally got live

    all right im on xbox live under the gamer tag

    i have sent friends requests to everyone on this site so please except them.
    Thank you.

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    oh that was you i was wondering who it was and i just now decided to check

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    Dec 2006

    Exclamation XGamerms999

    Nice thread, my GT is XGamerms999. I'll try to add some of u, so don't delete it. If u send me one, my list is probubly full so, send me a message on how to spell it and I'll try to get u. Also, since ur posting here u r all buying the 360 verion, so go vote on my poll for the 360.
    Good Luck Online.
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." ---Robert Frost.

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    Hy there
    I can't wait to get my hands on BM and I hope to find some skilled players out there.....but: Fun First - Victory Second!
    My Lamertag:

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    Big Grin

    Bdaggers is my tag - hope to see some of you guys soon

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    Mine is LT ROBERT COLE feel free to add im gana be playing this game alot and hopefully the multiplayer will be populated with gamers.

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    i swear i already posted my gamertag but here it is Jagdkatze

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    "The next world is the true life"

    "She's had it!!"

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    Originally Posted by Jagr
    i swear i already posted my gamertag but here it is Jagdkatze
    Are you German? This is a nice gamertag....

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    Artemis Frog
    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
    He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."
    -General George S. Patton

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    Post Is this xbox 360 live or xbox live

    Does this apply to original xbox live or xbox 360 live?

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    Originally Posted by Panzer 49th
    Does this apply to original xbox live or xbox 360 live?
    what's the difference? the game only comes out on the 360 and PC, so it has nothing to do with the original x-box
    Sincerity is the key to life, once you can fake that you’ve got it made

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    knoxville11 im usually on playing call of duty 3

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    My Gamer Tag Is Damaged Soldier.

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    Duhhhh how could i have been so stupid

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    Alpha Wolfgang is my gt... im getting sweet headshots with my MTAR21 in Rainbow 6 Vegas right now, please leave a message after the tone......

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    Its in my sig. I cant wait to play
    But its taking soo long!
    Battle tested, soldier approved
    Send me a friend request, we can play some Battlestations come the 18th.:)
    Get your own Gamercard Sig.

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    HD Man

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    dang this is boosting my friends list up a ton i was at 35 now im at 50

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