Hey dudes,

I don't know if this is a "bug" or just a lack of programming features, but I noticed while playing online the other day that Rogue Trooper ALWAYS has auto-aim turned on.

What happened was that one of the Nort soldiers fell into some crystals and was stuck. As he was the last soldier on the map, I went to take care of him. That's when I noticed that as soon as the crosshair "viewer" circle turns red, Rogue Trooper will automatically shoot at the target (no matter where the actual crosshair circle is aimed). I suggest someone try it sometime if you're confused as to what I'm talking about:
1. Aim at a Nort, the crosshair "viewer" circle (the big one not the small one) will turn red.
2. While it is still red, aim the actual crosshair away from the target so that you could not possible shoot the target.
3. Fire the weapon.
4. If your game is like mine, the bullets will still hit the target.

I guess if you're not very good at video games, you might consider this an "enhancement" to the gameplay (all you have to do is aim near the target to get a hit). I, for one, don't like it and wish Rogue Trooper could turn off the auto-aim (I dunno, maybe there is an option I missed?). I doubt this game could go "professional" on the gaming circuit with this type of "bug/feature". Not being able to toggle "auto-reload" sux as well.


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