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Thread: Mansion save reverts if you go back in Legend?

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    Question Mansion save reverts if you go back in Legend?

    I've been unable to find any threads about this, so forgive me if I've missed something, but after I finished the second level I went in and finished the mansion level. I completed it, and then had friends over, and wanted to show them level two, so I loaded it and ran around. The trouble is, when I went back to the mansion level it had reset and everything was incomplete. I tested this again, by saving in level three, partially completing the mansion and saving, and then loading level one. Sure enough, when I went back to the mansion everything I'd done had been undone.

    Does this happen on other platforms, or is it a 360 thing? It's REALLY annoying!

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    Did you remember to go to the pause menu and press "save rewards"? You must do that for all progress to be saved (if I remember correctly).

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