Eidos announced that a new action-packed third-person shooter, Chili Con Carnage will be published in North America exclusively on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, this spring 2007.

Out to avenge the assassination of his father, Chili Con Carnage hurls Ramiro Cruz deep into the seedy underworld of Los Toros, Mexico, where he must single handedly create maximum carnage throughout the inner circles of local kingpin, Cesar Morales’ drug cartel.

“Eidos gave us the challenge to create the fastest and most gun crazy action game to be released on a handheld machine. And we have delivered Chili Con Carnage – a burning hot Mexican shooter with the biggest explosion frequency and the highest takedown rate you will ever experience on the PSP,” said Chris Mottes, CEO, Deadline Games.

Featuring non-stop, over-the-top action, Ramiro comes equipped with a vast arsenal of weaponry along with signature super-spicy, gravity-defying special moves. Engage in gun frenzies against comical fiends such as mustached mercenaries, mutated super-Mamas and even killer exploding chickens. The action frenzy remains intense across seven unique 3D exotic locations from the trenches of a drug city to the heart of a dense jungle – an extensive varied landscape for a portable title. Three difficulty settings make the game appeal to casual shoot-em-up gamers as well as the most hardcore battle strategists, and the wireless multiplayer features of the PSP® system ensure that the game is enjoyable as a single player experience as well as a fun party game.

“The blend of exaggerated over-the-top action, diverse environments and comedy make Chili Con Carnage the best choice for a PSP action game,” said Mike Schmitt, Associate Marketing Manager, Eidos. “The variety of game modes allows the game to be accessible to a wide variety of gamers, allowing them to enjoy both a single player and multiplayer portable experience.”

Chili Con Carnage is developed by Deadline Games, and will be available this spring 2007.