Thread: A fan's suggestions and feedback.

A fan's suggestions and feedback.

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    A fan's suggestions and feedback.

    Hello everyone,

    It is quite late so if this thread doesn't make sense I do apologize. After the livestream I'm sure a lot of us had a lot answered regarding the basis of the game - a PVP multiplayer fast paced action game set in the time between when Raziel is thrown into the Abyss and when he appears many years (talking hundreds or thousands) later.
    I do agree that this part of Nosgoth hasn't been explored and that it should be and it's the era that this particular game is set is ideal because, it's now a war, just a full-smash on between humans and vampires in the struggle of survival during a chaotic time. There doesn't need to be a mature, convoluted story of destiny and paradoxes. So go nuts.
    My memory is a bit fuzzy right now, but I think I remember hearing something about how the world will evolve around the battles the players will fight. This idea does sound pretty cool, one thing that a lot of these emerging 'fast paced action multiplayer' games doesn't include is a sense of lasting accomplishment. You could team up, beat the enemy and win a section of territory and go 'hell yeah' because that territory will be under vampire/human control until its contested again. What do you think?
    This Nosgoth game's style reminds me of Forge (if anyone has heard of it). I did enjoy it, however, the main downfall of this game was TOO MANY ABILITIES. In the livestream I heard 'one offensive, one defensive and one ability'. That's great. I'm pretty sure they already said this in the livestream but the player could have the option of what TYPE of special ability he will bring into battle. Forge just had 8 or 9 spells you had to remember and it was just overwheming. So good idea.
    I was so relieved to hear that the game is not pay-to-win and that bought items will be for cosmetic purpose. I play Dota 2 and the free-to-play is what keeps me playing it.
    I always did think the vampires evolution-through-pupation thing was cool, perhaps as you play through one particular class of vampire you get 'mutations' - the equivalent of items you can equip for class that are cosmetic as well as bonus stats. For example if Zephonim come if you could unlock 'hind legs' which boost their ability to jump by x amount of metres and this also changes the look of their legs. For humans I could the equivalent being an add-on for a crossbow, make it fire faster with a certain cartridge.
    I can anticipate that the environment can be used to the players advantage. I mean, in the LoK games it was kinda cool to go "hey look fire, I'll just try and--there we go you're on fire now". Humans could use powerful crossbow bolts to push vampires into water and burn them (if that still works on them like in the previous LoK games) and I suppose Turelim can pick up boulders and throw them.
    I think that's all I would like to say, feel free to leave comments regarding this post. I just wanted to give the devs some feedback and stuff cos after all we're the ones that are gonna be playing it and we have to say things to have to... have a say. Bed now.

    - Javerick

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    The characters in Nosgoth only had two attacks and two special abilities from what I remember, although you could switch them for different ones between respawns. I'd actually prefer more slots or maybe some passive abilities in addition to what was there. I guess it's down to personal preference.

    I'd definitely like to see more interaction with the enviroment as that didn't seem to be present when we played.

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    Surelly I would like some passive abilities too, though not many of them, so we could see who are the alphas and betas and who are the newcomers (something to reward the high "level" users) and the thing to change from a respawn to another would be great for strategic playing.
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