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Thread: Joytech Neo S PC Gamepad on PC?

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    Joytech Neo S PC Gamepad on PC?

    Does anyone use the Joytech Neo S PC Gamepad?

    The buttons all work correctly, however the problem that I am having is that the camera is defaulted to the left joystick, where the movement is defaulted to the right joystick. Since the additional buttons are on the right hand side then it is impossible to move and jump (or any other action) at the same time.

    I cannot find anywhere where I can reverse the joystick settings, so that the camera is on the right and the movement is on the left. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, is it possible to resolve?

    Many thanks

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    Hello I have a problem with Joytech Neo S Config PRO Software.When it finishes installing I click Finish and it says "Internal Error 2753.JoytechNeoSTrayIcon.exe" and it doesn't work anymore

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