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    FAQ: Nosgoth

    The following was posted by Raina Audron on the Eidos forums. I figured people would find it useful if I reposted it here:

    1. What genre is War for Nosgoth? Is it an MMO or MOBA type of game?
    Nosgoth is not an MMO. It's a competitive online multiplayer experience (...with a bit of a twist).
    Nosgoth will not be an MMORPG and Nosgoth doesn't look or play anything like DoTA2 or LoL.

    While Nosgoth is unlike any other competitive online multiplayer game that I've played or am familiar with, the closest comparison is probably Unreal Championship 2. Not sure if Nosgoth is all that similar, but I suppose it's closer to that than a traditional LoK game, an MMO or a MOBA.

    2. Why is it multiplayer and not singleplayer?
    Because of the concept - it's the game we and the devs wanted to make.

    Inevitably, due to the nature of this game being multiplayer, story will not be as prominent a factor in moment-to-moment gameplay as with previous LoK games, which hopefully will address your point about newcomers. Nevertheless, as fans of the series, it's our hope that what we are doing within the lore will encourage newcomers to be engaged by the series' rich backstory and convert them into LoK aficionados.

    3. Is Nosgoth a mobile game or a potential next gen title?
    Nosgoth is not a mobile game. Also, we're mostly influenced by LoK:SR1... make of that what you will.

    4. Can the game be played offline?
    Nosgoth is online.

    5. Will the lore of previous Legacy of Kain games stay intact?
    I can tell you truthfully that Nosgoth has been built as an LoK game from the ground up. Making sure that we respect the series canon is something we take very seriously. I know you'll think I'd say that anyway, but we're devoted fans of the lore established in the previous games, so it's only natural we'd want to ensure Nosgoth both complements them and expands upon them.

    6. Does Nosgoth use the same story as Dead Sun?
    No, Nosgoth does not use the same story as Dead Sun (even slightly).

    7. Will Nosgoth include an open world to explore?
    Nosgoth is not open-world.

    8. Can you answer what platforms we will see the title on?
    Windows PC, but that may be expanded over time.

    9. Will this game have controller input support?? Or will it rely only on keyboard input?
    Right now, Nosgoth only supports mouse & keyboard.

    10. Is there going to be a demo of the game available?

    11. Is the game "Nosgoth" played in 1st person, from 3rd person or bird's eye camera view?
    Nosgoth is a third-person game; there's no first-person camera available.

    12. Would it be unfair or terribly innacurate to say the game could be described as a Horde Mode style competitive multiplayer?
    That would indeed be inaccurate.

    13. Is there a training mode in the game?
    I wouldn't say an in-game training mode is really necessary - it's a very intuitive game and we've ensure that it's as pick-up-and-playable as possible. We'd rather create an environment where you just dived right in and got into the action straight away.

    14. So I’m getting the impression from the above that you’ve now played Nosgoth?
    I've been playing Nosgoth since last December! It's come on a LONG way and I can honestly say that - as somebody who traditionally prefers playing solo narrative-driven games - it's made me appreciate multiplayer gaming in a whole new light and enjoy it in a whole new way.

    In all seriousness, it's a helluva lot of fun to play - that's definitely been the focus of the development team, making a fun game you'll want to come back to over and over.

    15. Will the information given outside of the games such as in FAQs be taken into account?
    Regarding extraneous information, the answer is "yes" and "no". "Yes" in the sense that we've done our very best to absorb all knowledge about LoK's narrative as revealed in the games and elsewhere, and "no" in the sense that it's not really relevant to Nosgoth. As I said in my statement, Nosgoth is very much on a seperate branch of the LoK mythos to Soul Reaver and Blood Omen (and, by extension, Defiance). It's definitely the same familiar universe, though.

    Additionally, by having Nosgoth exist on a different branch to SR and BO (but within the same continuity), we're going out of our way to avoid "butchering" the game and, by extension, the IP.

    16. Is the game gory and will there be Kain and Raziel in it?
    The game will be very violent, but as far as I'm aware the Soul Reaver sword does not appear in the game. Neither do Kain or Raziel for very good reasons - they're both busy doing... other things at the time of the game's setting. They're in Nosgoth (obviously), but they're not in Nosgoth (as in the game). It would make no sense for them to be so, narrative-wise. As explained before, it's on a separate branch of the IP, but is in continuity with the overall lore. Also, Anarcrothe is NOT playable, totally wrong time-frame.

    17. Will the game be set during Moebius's crusade?
    Wrong! It's a good guess, but it's not the one.

    18. Are there werewolves in the game?
    LoK's Werewolves aren't in Nosgoth... but I do think that's a really neat idea you have there, FWIW.

    19. Will Nosgoth have some DLC or achievements?
    Wait and see.

    20. Can we expect good graphics?
    Nosgoth will be the best looking LoK game to date.

    21. In the game Nosgoth are we dealing with corrupted Nosgoth or healed Nosgoth?
    The land is corrupted in Nosgoth.

    22. Are vampires a playable race (faction, characters, you name it) in the upcoming game Nosgoth?

    23. Are there any non-vampire playables?
    Yes, but they aren't Hylden, that wouldn't work with the game's setting

    24. Will we revisit known areas of Nosgoth in the new game? Will we see new areas?

    25. Will there be a lot and a lot of weapons?
    Oh yes.

    26. You mentioned weapons, are we talking swords, crossbows, axes, maces etc…please tell me there aren’t any guns?
    No guns, but do remember Nosgoth is place where flamethrowers exist.

    27. Is it solely combat orientated?
    Um... kind of. The focus is very much on combat, at least for the time being.

    28. Will there be levels in the game e.g. defeat a boss you move to the next level or get a power up?
    Again kind of, but there are no bosses in the game as it's a competitive multiplayer experience (...with a twist). You do gain experience, but it's not like XP in an RPG.

    29. Will Nosgoth have its own Twitter and Facebook accounts? If yes, will they be launched at the same time with the official site?

    30. Can you do something about HD remakes of Legacy of Kain games?
    Regarding HD ports and remakes of SR or BO games... I'm really the wrong guy to ask, I'm afraid. I mean, I'm very far away from that kind of decision making and don't really have any insight to share about that. While I'm the CM for Nosgoth, that doesn't give me visibility on every aspect of the LoK franchise as a whole, nor am I party to all decisions made about its future.

    It might need an update now that the trailer is out or at least after the Q&A on monday. Apologies to Raina for not asking first. I just wanted to make sure I did this before I forgot. Oh, and can someone sticky it?
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