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Another Lamer Approved!

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    Thumbs Up Another Lamer Approved!

    I think I'm starting to fall in love with Eidos games! I just rented Urban Chaos and I'm having a blast playing through on rookie mode. I've placed it on my official "Lamer Approved" list that certifies this game for play by crap gamers like me.

    Next one up for me to try is Rogue Trooper. It looks like a lot of fun too and if so this will be a Grand Slam with 3 out of 3 Eidos action titles making it onto my "Lamer Approved" list. Maybe not the pinnacle of accomplishment for them but I bet it's not easy making games that even us sucky gamers can enjoy.
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    Well, I'm glad you like it. Yes, it is a good game but Eidos is far from perfect and really needs to concentrate on the constructs on their games more. They are way too many flaws and Rogue Trooper isn't any good offline and the online is horrible.

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    looolz why did u chose the name "lamer gamer" loolz.. looks aweful !

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