Thread: Vampire Clan civil war instead?

Vampire Clan civil war instead?

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    Vampire Clan civil war instead?

    My own view on Nosgoth is one of disappointed disinterest but however I would like to propose a better idea that would, I think or at least hope, bring more people into the idea of a multiplayer with little complex story.

    Instead of Vampires vs Humans (a concept which I think has been done to death by every Vampire franchise, excluding Twilight but lets not talk about that), we have the Clans fighting one another. The lore they propose says that the clans fell to bickering and fighting in Kain's absence. Why not expand upon that and have Vampire vs Vampire? Humans could be the resources being fought over, control of the blood supply. All six clans, including the Razielim who are the most desperate to survive, struggling for territory and resources.

    Humans can still be involved but as NPC blood banks in gameplay, control over which is fought for during death matches. The side with the most humans under their control to farm for blood has an advantage.

    Rahabim - the quickest to heal from blood taken from humans and can take advantage of the waters the other clans can't

    Zephonim - The best climbs and stealth tactics, able to take humans and hide them in cocoons for further use later

    Razielim - High flyers - nothing wrong with their gameplay aspect in Nosgoth's propose model

    Dumahim- climbing reavers? No no, thick armour and defensive techniques are their speciality leaving them capable of withstanding even heavy attacks

    Melchiahim - Weakest in terms of physical strength but the quickest, most agile and with the added bonus of an ambush ability from below ground

    Turelim - Fast and strong, the Turelim's developing telekinetic abilities are their strongest aspect but they remain almost lethally affected by high pitched noises

    I think this sort of model for a multiplayer would be taken over much more favourably.

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    Maybe it could be added as future content once the rest of the clans are added. It would be interesting to see what the leaders were doing. Maybe one would be looking for Kain, another would want to take control for himself, another would be trying to unite the clans against the humans, and another would be waiting to see who comes out on top.

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    I agree with pretty much everything in this post. At this point in time, humans were barely a speck on the map, holding up in tiny pockets, more mobile lunch pails for my kind than anything. The suggested redesigns are good too, I didn't make Dumah a hulking brute for his children to be scrawny weaklings.

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    Have you actually measured either the Dumahim against the Turelim in SR1? Or the leaders themselves. Turel and his clan were much larger than the Dumah. No one said the Dumahim were weak in this game. They just have a different fighting style than the Turelim.

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    I will concede that Turel got much... bigger than I had anticipated. But it's not an entirely fair comparison, Dumah spent quite some time stuck to that throne of his, didn't have nearly as much "alive time" to grow as Turel did.

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    Maybe we'll get to see a few different levels of devolution as new content is realeased. I'll admit the Dumahim in particular looked a bit too human, but then so did the Turelim without the ears.

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    I'm of the opposite opinion. In recent years, vampires vs vampires has been pretty much all there is. Superhuman beings of incalculable power clearly beyond human capabilities fighting in the shadows of the night, while the human race remains entirely oblivious.

    I rather like the opposite. Humanity entering total war with vampires. That's not done very often because it's difficult to portray humans as being capable of fighting vampires without some relatively creative writing to make it believable as well. Too often it gets glossed over as "Well the humans/vampires attacked and now the vampires/humans are almost exterminated." which is uncreative, cliche and boring.

    I love struggling against superior odds

    That said, as mentioned. I would like to see the duhnam (sp) more bestial (earssss!) and razilem more humanoid unless they have a good reason for it =/

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    Yes, I'm quite disappointed to see those big doofy ears haven't kicked in yet. Always wanted to see how he'd react to them, alas, I never got to see Turel's reaction to them since the Hylden whisked him away.

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    In this idea the humans certainly wouldn't be oblivious but they'd be as they've always been in Legacy of Kain, largly a species in well over its head and caught between dark powers which either want to snuff them out or couldn't care whether they lived or died.