Hello. I am interested in some multiplayer details like is pvp 3 vs 3? Will there be new classes added like ranged for vampires and mele for humans, or will you add new 3rd faction like sarafans tehy werent humans s otahts why i ask.
also wuill there be pve like players vs bots like storyline or something? Will there be character customasation? Can you equip different armor and weapons or itll be like in mobas which only add stats? And the question taht everyone asks will there be Kain and Raziel in this game ( not now in future ). What ingame shop will be ? Will best weapons or stuff be bought with ingame curency or only with real money? Will all vampires be bloodsuckers or there be someone like raziel who consumes souls? Wil there be instant kills for vampires and finishers?

Thats all for now thx for not forgetting about Legacy of Kain universe