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    How does the ranking system work for the online play? I know on Project Snowblind it was all about your k/d ratio. So how does it calcuate for Urban Chaos?

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    I think kill/death ratio is irrelevant to the ratings. From what I've seen its based on a combination of games played, kills and wins.

    The stats are already irrelevant. The stat cheaters have already been corrupting the leaderboard even before the game was released in America.

    You might notice a guy called Kabukijo on the rankings. He managed to stat cheat his way to number one over two nights. There are also others using the same methods.

    There also appears to be a random profile glitch too. I have two players in my clan who have lost all their points for no reason at all.

    My advice to any new Urban Chaos players:

    Ignore the leaderboards.

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    How exactly is that guy ranking up? I havent seen anyone doing any glitches. The only way I see people ranking up are... A. kicking out people who are good and playing against noobs or setting up a room with just their clan to get more kills. and B. spawn camping.. which i guess isnt really ranking up, because everyone does it.. but not the way these guys do it.. 5 on 2, not making teams even, just spawn killing and then talking crap if you leave the game.. haha ah well

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    ranking up is kinda difficult since you cant kick people out in game you have to wait till youre in the lobby. i guess if you can kick out players with higher ranks but since theres not a great deal of online players you really have to limit the kicking of players. it would have been nice if they would had the same online stat tracking that they had for snowblind and 25 to life. but oh well.

    in fact we should be thankful we got anything at all, the rogue trooper online options are absolutely horrible. theres absolutely nothing. no stats, friends list nothing at all. its the most barebones online i have see, what sucks about that is that the game is actually very good but they really screwed up the online stuff.

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    People are ranking up by using more than one PS2 on a router. They also have an alternate profile.

    You may notice one or two players on the boards that have thousands of deaths, and hardly any kills.

    The person I mentioned had a kill/death ratio of around 1.1. He wasn't a particularly good player, but he somehow managed to improve his K/D ratio by an order of magnitude over the course of two nights.

    He was spotted in a room with one other player. He literally sat there for hours, ranking up, and booting people from the room when they questioned him. We looked up his 'opponent' on the leaderboards and guess what.... Thousands of deaths - and only a few kills.

    The same method of stat boosting was used on Ghost Recon.

    More people will figure this out as time goes on, and the leaderboards will become utterly worthless.

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    That sucks, thats what EVERYONE was doing in Project Snowblind. Except for my clan. We have 3 people in the top 15.. with out cheating like everyone else.
    Your thoughts on the ranking kinda makes sense. Their are people with way less kills than me,who are higher ranked and with less games played. Hmm I dont know. But they do have more wins than me because they are just spawn campers and dont even up teams. Maybe they do somehow just divide the kills/wins/games played. I still dont get it though

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    leaderboards are usually worthless anyway really no point to them. the nice thing about this game is that if you know of a known rank up and they join youre game just kick them.

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    yea that seems to work resonibly well, lol but who here played project snowbling. cause i played that i just cant remember my name but i was in the top 10 at one point and i had i think 2 other guys in my clan top 20!! my clan was PK we kicked hardcore ass but then again we had some chate players who couldn't play!!

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    yeah, i actually dont really get how does the ranking system works...i think its a combination of ur kills n # games u played

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    yea i think it's kinda messed up cause i went 6kills 0deaths in a really quick match and i didn't rank up i actually ranked down i went from 130 to 133 i was like GAY, then i wen negative 16kills 18 deaths and i went back to down to 130 kinda messed!

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