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Thread: These grapple points are not working (Sea Serpent Troubles)

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    All you need to do if face the camera toward the silver turning wheel thingy. Good luck.
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    Unhappy Yet another Serpent problem!


    yes I also have probs with dropping even a single cage and I disagree that the monster is blind - it spits the fire at me pretty precisely even when I nearly walk on my toes! Also whenever I take out my guns the aim point shows up and automatically aims at the monster instead of the bell, it's really hard to deal with all these buttons to jump between! I'm afraid I encountered a fault in the game, and so I am looking for someone who could share their save game with me please. I tried to download one from Stella's site unfortunately it doesn't work on my comp, perhaps because I have an aussie PC version? anyway I'd like to try another version if anyone is willing to share?

    Big thanks,

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    I just set my camer angel so that it was only showing the lever I wanted to grapple.

    Hope I helped!
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    Thumbs Down How Sad

    How truly sad that an otherwise wonderful experience has to be ruind by poor programming. I have been having an absolute blast playing this game (as I have every other Tomb Raider Game) up until this point.

    It just really sucks that they had to:
    1) Put such a poorly thought out challenge in the game.
    2) Fail to test it properly before the cursed thing went out.

    After realizing that I was not going to get one of the cages to drop (because of a bug); I went back a few loads and got back to the ugly sea snake. I then wasted the next several evenings trying to kill this thing, only to constanly have Lara either
    a) Target the serpent instead of the towers or
    b) Toss the grappel at the wrong thing.

    What a waste of time. I could have been playing Rock Band!

    I finally gave up. It was just making me to too angry, and it's just a silly game and certainly not worth getting angry over. I'll take the game back and trade it in for something else. I won't even waste my friends time by trading out with them.

    It's truly unfortunate because I was really looking forward to playing underworld but I will not waste my money and risk being disappointed again.

    I love you Lara, I have for many, many, many years enjoyed watching your cute bottom in those shorts shorts as it bounced around the many different systems I've played you on, but never again. Your creators have ruined my experence with you forever.

    Farewell my love.
    Adios Eidos.

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    The Sea Serpent can be a real pain I know, but did you use the camera to make Lara look at the thing she should be grappling and were you close enough?
    Ah well, I am not doubting your skills, it's a common bug.

    Too bad though, you will miss out on a lot of great stuff if you decide not to play TRU ..........just saying..........
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    2 put ur gun away press the key g

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    stellas site
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    I know i had major difficulty with this also :/ i really don't know how to do it a certain way i just had to keep moving around until it focused on what i wanted

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    Well I am playing on PSP Tomb Raider Legend England a few times and for me there is no problem. Well the Pc players who is playing this game: did you tried patching?????????

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