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Thread: Stuck at 99% complete :S Need help

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    Stuck at 99% complete :S Need help

    Hey, i finshed the game along time ago and i've been playing untill now to get 100%, however i'm stuck at 99%.

    I already completed all the time trials, i got all bronze, silver and golden awards on all levels, everything is unlocked yet i'm still at 99% oO. Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advanced

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    i got the same problem, dunno whats goin on... i dont care though cause i unlocked all the outfits

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    If I remember correctly you have to redo the last time trial.

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    Actually, I got 100% (on the PC version) by just collecting all the objects (including the ones in the mansion) and finishing the game. I've not done all the time trials, or even attempted all of them.

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    repete a level again to get 1oo%

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    That's a glitch in the game. You have to re-play Bolivia Redux and once you do that, you should be at 100%.

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    I found it actually saves that you're at 100% but shows 99% completion (because can wield the Soul Reaver, which you can only do at 100% for those who don't know).

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