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A few bugs

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    A few bugs

    All bugs found while doing a bit of multiplayer.

    1. Stuck-in-Wall bug.

    Quite simply, somehow, possibly involved while crouching and being near a wall, you can get stuck to it. You can still 'perform' any moves possible, but while remaining static and firmly stuck to the damn wall. Have to ask some guy to kill you.

    2. Hologram death/visual bug.

    Two parter this one. Sometimes I cannot see my own hologram while as helm. Also, while another person is directing his hologram, I cannot see him, but can see his hologram. Once he switches back, his hologram vanishes (though remaining active) and the player visibly returns.

    Another interesting feature is attaching a sticky grenade to the leg of a hologram. Once it blows up, the person who the hologram belonged to dies.

    3. Mine dispatch bug.

    Sometimes when setting mines, they'll all come out but won't 'launch', and will occupy the same space while floating in mid air. One heckuva explosion though. Might be because someone passes by in front of you, and the mine that couldn't move blocks the rest. Not sure where floating comes into it though.

    4. Sneak-attack bug.

    Whipped out my pistol and did a lovely jump-judo-chop on some poor bugger as he jumped out of his hopper with 4 others. It was a cut-scene kill, but when it was over I found I couldn't move or control my guy, while the other 3 just started shooting away until I died. I noticed one guy had walked 'into' me and occupied the same space as me while the cutscene was going on.

    The wall bug is a big pain in the ass. Otherwise forget the bugs, just make a sodding map editor!

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    Yea I was playing online with someone and he jumped on a mech took it down but got stuck in it lmao. Since we couldnt TYPE and I only had a mic it was hard for me to help him... had to restart game

    Please add chat ingame and MAP EDITOR! this gmae really great everyone I showed it too never heard of it but loved it!

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