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Thread: trl.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconveni

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    Maybe u have to crack it ? :S but no updates for you.. :9

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    I have :
    Intel Celeron 1.7GHz
    GeForce 4 MMX440 ( I don't have and pixel shaders )
    256 MB RAM
    80 GB on my hard drive

    and I don't have any problems with game.

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    Yeah I'm also having this problem where I can NOT install trl. I have contacted eidos who say it is down to burning software, which would be great IF I had any installed, Or when I finally can get it installed & patched I get "trl has encountered a problem" message

    I have an alienware m51 766
    3.4 p4
    80gb hdd
    slimline dvd rw
    1gb ram
    fx go5700 with lastest drivers I can find

    & freshly installed xp.

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    Smile trl.exe has encounterd a problem

    Like many others I installed Tomb Raider legend only to find it wouldn't launch.
    After much headscratching ( computer meets all requirements ) and several hours I came across a reference to a Microsoft Security Update KB917422 which in rare cases can prevent a programme from launching properly. Microsoft has fixed the problem with further update KB924867 for Windows XP SP-2
    So I went to Microsoft and downloaded the update KB924867.
    Now the game launches perfectly............. at last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aevar239 View Post
    Hi I do not think that there is an actual fix for this problem and I am running a top dual core machine and all the latest drives and I get it as well. When this happens I simple uninstall the game (making sure not to uninstall the game saves) and then reinstall. The game then carries on exactly from the last check point without the error message. It then normally plays okay untill some other program like anti-spyware or anti-virus updates. It then tends to come back and a reinstall is required

    Uninstalling/reinstalling the game also let me continue the game after a crash. Deleting the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Dynamics\Tomb Raider: Legend" also seemed to work (and was much easier). Like you said, after a few game sessions the crash would happen again, and I would have to delete the reg key again, then later repeat the cycle.

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    I have same problems with demo,my dad installed this update and now he doesnt know how to remove it or doesnt want to,,can you please tell me how i can remove the update??

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    I think that you have to uninstal game and instal again.

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    Are you all mind readers or something? because if you look here:

    The problem isn't explained!

    So can some of you mind readers tell me what the problem is seeing as the author just needs to say there is a problem and you all know.

    And Platapus! your new to this forum so how come you know about these problems? honestly, how do you?

    And what on earth does TLR stand for?

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    Phlip, Platapus did explain what the problem was. When he tried to run Legend, the game crashed with the error message trl.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. TRL.exe is the file you use to run the game. It isn't terribly difficult to understand.

    Lara in Training: You could try doing what's been done in this thread and remove a Windows Update. I've never actually un-installed any Windows updates myself, but I assume you can do it in the following way: Go to your Control Panel and open Add or Remove Programs. Make sure that Show Updates is ticked, and then scroll down until you find the Windows XP updates. Find the one you want and uninstall it. Do this at your own risk, of course

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    im goin nuts with this problem

    i have the exact same problem except with a diferent game called street racing syndicate made by namco although i know this is an eidos forum i just had to join when i saw this thread.

    i have heard that the refresh rate of ur display has something to do with it and i was wondering if anyone knows what im talking about. i also meet the minimum system requirements.

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    well.... i was getting the same message "trl.exe has encountered a problem..and going to get closed"...the only thing i did was that i reinstalled it....when i played i changed the resolution to 800 by 600 .... and it started working on its own......

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