Thread: Commandos 2 install trouble

Commandos 2 install trouble

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    Commandos 2 install trouble

    I rented this game from a local shop, when I opened the case you can see on the manuel it has been used by alot of people already.

    Now to the problem, I try to install and get to around 50% completion when this pops up:

    Component transfer error

    Component: Game Files
    File group: Game files
    File: E:/
    Error: Dataerror (cyclish rendundantioncontrol) (rougly translated from dutch: cyclische rendundantie controle)

    Is this a case the cd file are damaged, so I will never be able to complete install with this disc. Are has it something to do with the age of it, compatible do I need to install/do something to get it to work?

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    im having the same problem, could someone talk to me on MSN about it, zepher25@hotmail dot com

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    I'm not completely sure, but I believe I had a similar error message as well. I think I fixed it by installing the game from another drive, have you tried that?

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    Well I got 2 Dvd rom drives, I put it in the one that can write on dvd. Will try the other one and post results.

    Second dvd drive same trouble.

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    I only have one drive and have this problem... can anybody help :0?


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