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Thread: Creative Sound problems solved!

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    Hi, I have a Soundblaster Audigy Value card and also strugled with the cracking and distorting sound. After reading all the posts and sollutions (which I did not try as all were proven wrong) I went to Creative's forum and found the same usue there but with the sollution. It worked for me, so try it:

    Download the latest driver for your Creative card and it should be fixed. It looks like most of the drivers have been updated on the 20th of April 2006

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    Here is the link if you don't want to search for it:

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    Great tip! Thanks for the info!
    Just a note, however, your link is for the
    European area, I just clicked on the
    "Change Country" at the top right corner and switched
    to the USA.

    I then downloaded the latest driver for my Audigy SE
    and I am happy to report that TRL now works
    perfectly, no sound problems and best of all I no
    longer have to go into control panel and turn off
    the hardware accelleration for my sound card!!


    I actually believe the game is running a little faster too, another
    great bonus.

    Thanks again for posting this, it has helped me a LOT!!

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    Well, I had the SB Live, and DL'd the latest drivers. The sound problem wasn't fixed, and my puter started rebooting when I went online, if you can believe that...

    I reverted to a time before the new drivers, reinstalled the drivers from the CD, and the rebooting was fixed.

    Since then, I installed an Audigy 2 ZS, and the stuttering went away...

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