Thread: [FFXIV: ARR - Important Links]

[FFXIV: ARR - Important Links]

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    [FFXIV: ARR - Important Links]

    This thread will contain links to important websites,
    resources and threads containing the most basic and latest
    information on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

    In order to utilize the contents of this thread, I'd like to ask
    you to post recommendations in the comments below.
    Any suggestions are most welcome, but make sure to keep
    to the relevant information.

    -News and Updates-
    -Official Website
    -FFXIV: ARR on Twitter
    -FFXIV: ARR News and Updates on Twitter
    -FFXIV: ARR on Facebook
    -FFXIV: ARR on YouTube
    -Developer's Blog
    -News and Updates

    -Square Enix Account-
    -Square Enix Account Management System
    -Mog Station

    -Playguide and FAQ-

    -Game Client Download for Windows (NA, EU)-

    -FFXIV: ARR Forums
    -Square Enix FFXIII-XIV Forum
    -Forum Rules

    -FFXIV: ARR Support Center
    -FFXIV: ARR Customer Service
    -Square Enix Support Center
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