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    Key Control

    OK, so I download the demo, install it, check out the readme and start the game.

    Nice little intro and Lara is standing there on the edge of the cliff, so I decide we should get away from the edge in case she faints and stumbles to her death.

    I know I'll press the walk forward key for a short time to move her to a safer place, next thing I know she's run around a couple of circles and fallen to her death.

    Is she not supposed to walk only when the key is actually pressed? Or is there another key that stops her walking?


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    Well I found the controls a little like that to begin with, but if you use camera control (mouse) and get behind Lara when doing things (walking, jumping etc.) and use the arrow keys to make her move, then everything works out fine.

    Take a little time to get used to the controls. I'd be the first to complain if they weren't good, but I like them just fine.

    Good luck.

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    Is there a Walk- not run key?

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    Holding down 'SHIFT' when moving puts Lara into stalk mode, which is kinder like walking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhama
    Holding down 'SHIFT' when moving puts Lara into stalk mode, which is kinder like walking.
    Its not kinda like walking, its kinda like sneaking. Please tell me that there is a WALK mode in the pc version!

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