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Thread: Exclusive Fan Interview With Tomb Raider: Legend Producer, Morgan Gray!

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    Will we ever know what happens after TR4/AOD or will it be forgotten?

    Will Natla come back?

    Does Lara have brothers or sisters?

    Does Lara have any pets?

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    I'm looking forward to the answers, a lot of very good questions.

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    Yes, I also agree with the people posting above: one of the things that was great about the first installment was maybe not the sense of lonlieness but of isolation, as Lara herself explored a tomb. That was what made the presence of other human protagonists so jarring, and was something later installments lost (why the hell are they so many *people* down these tombs?!). Also, it makes Lara a bit of a killer... In the first game, I think she kills four people, tops, and all are major 'baddies'.

    I'm all for ambient background noise, but continual music could be off-putting. Incidental music for certain scenes or moments hightened the tension and made moments more memorable.

    Anyway, thats my tuppenceworth. Still looking forward to the game. Just remember, it's a puzzler/adventure type game... It doesn't *need* to be an over the top action fest. That's what FPS games are for!

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    YES! That's what I'm tryin' to express for the whole time!! I like the cave background noise in the beginning. I got me scared after seein' the intro FMV of TR I. Then I followed the wolf's tracks, I said before, I hope there's AT LEAST one level or three where Lara gets completely cut-off from the people back @ the mansion.

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    More questions from

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ_CRON
    - If Lara was 9 years old when her plane crashed, does it mean that Tomb Raider (1) wasn't meant to exist? (Lara had 21 years in Tomb Raider (1), then.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Ana MarĂ*a
    - What do you pretend with the change of biography of Lara Croft?

    - Have you considered how will receive fans so abrupt alteration of the biographical profile of their heroine?

    - Why, if it is really a new beginning for Lara, you have recovered an original character of Core Design, in this case the hacker Zip?

    - Why did you changed the Mansion of site and replaced the butler? It's really about to combine aspects seen in the films with the game?

    - Are you really conscious that her new biography destroys characters like Werner Von Croy, since if his father now is archaeologist and her guide, Lara never had a mentor?

    - How to confront the great contradictions that you have created? You promised that you would clarify the past of Lara and you have created an authentic maze that weakens all the previous chapters of the saga. Nevertheless, you have included these chapters in your official Web, as a line of time.
    Quote Originally Posted by AnaCroft
    - How long will the game last?

    - Will the PSP version have a multiplayer mode?

    - Is it true that we will be able to unlock new mansion zones when we complete the levels?

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    Isn't it too late to ask questions now? or has it been extended? I thought it ended 13th March...

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    Smile Smile :)

    Is it true that the gun action er incredebly easy ?
    Yup silly question (don't think it will be picked..) but well I want to know.. if anyone else want to answer this then I'm fine with that to
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    I don't know if you are still accepting questions, but I finally thought of one that isn't about what will be in Legend (which I'll know in a month anyway):

    What is the next game that Crystal will be working on? Has production on another game started already? (I know that Crystal has multiple teams, so just because Legend isn't out yet doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't working on something else)

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    Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, the finished interview will be posted up within the next few weeks.

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