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25 to Life Fan Based Clan Ladder System

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    Lightbulb 25 to Life Fan Based Clan Ladder System

    The Fan Site has created a website exclusive to the 25 To Life game. They are hosting Ladders for PS2, Xbox and PC.

    For more information about the clan ladder system, contact the Admin of the site, KING25TL.

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    Thank you MattD,

    Hello all the 25tolife players. A little info about how the current Ladders will run is as follows.

    From this point till the DNAS Patch of correction of using codes to cheat.
    1) Any Clan or Single player accounts will need to be placed upon a ladder. NO OPEN LADDERS! This we feel will add to the ladder security at this time.
    You need to PM KING25TL ONLY! Within the 25TL online gaming forum OR after creating an account on the site you can PM me from within this OFFICIAL eidos forum. These are the only 2 ways to get on a ladders.
    2) Currently we have the match making setup just like in the game, ALL OPTIONS seen while setting up match online appear, Everything. But the Ladder Admin. can disable or allow anything of these. We will strive to cut down on bootoff's and such,
    a) method for match ties? Yes- There is a reporting method for match ties.
    b) MVPs will need to be recorded and reported.
    c) Total rounds WON, LOST, TIED will need to be recorded and reported. So both teams should keep these stats. (admins that are also in the game will not report the match in any way, But will note if stats are true, This will also be reported in an ADMIN. to ADMIN. noted on each teams stats page. ONLY Admins can see this.
    d) We have an easy 'Find a Match" system, and are still currently updating it.
    -- XM -- We have created a CLAN BETTING SYSTEM per match. That's right. BET the match, So put up or shut up. this $XM amount can be viewed while looking for a match.
    -- WARLITE -- This warlite can be turned on and will show directly on the ladder standings page. (admin. have been advised to auto off it after 3 hours at this point) note:custom warlites can be purchased using your XM
    we have made it very easy to find matches for days ahead and for RIGHT NOW!
    What we are doing about the code users
    3) Our Ladder admin.'s have been advised to add a player to every roster, also this player will be known in the ADMIN. to LEADER team notes box, and will be changed often. Other online security stuff will not be spoken about.
    4) Singles ladders will have Admin. accounts that will play and just to directly check other players for using cheats, these will be recorded and forwarded to eidos when an issue or player is in question. These PLAYER accounts will be banned and if they are a member of a clan, this will also be noted and may get removed.
    This is only the start. when it's tourney time, Team XM will allow you to "buy" a ticket into our "OFFICIAL" host Tourney site. Also teams Will be placed there once selected. Again this will be a closed tourney to only those teams within 25TL and that have ENOUGH REPUTATION. Yes, there is currently a way to Report a Reputation for a team. The teams Reputation image will show above their banner on their stats page.

    Just so players know, were not new to online gaming, we been doing it for close to 2 years under another site, This time we revamped everything are releasing it 1st upon the 25 to life fans. So don't try any newbie's stuff with us. We can access the ps2, xbox a pc arena's at any time to check if there is a member cheating in one of the games. We have no problem working with other site's to catch these cheaters. Were not looking to take over the world or other gaming sites. we just want a cheat free experience while playing matches online. I Think that's all everyone here wants.

    thanks and good luck,

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    this sound good but serriously who will pay to enter a online tournement not meh....

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    this sound good but serriously who will pay to enter a online tournement not me.
    sorry Angel_ maybe it's a little misleading, The $ XM (money) is just another add on, like XP (points) there's no real money here. How you "BUY" a ticket is with your clans XM BET Winnings ( bet 0 or 100 - 500 per match ) We also added team history of Winning/Losing $XM. So say your Clan has $XM:5000, and you want to enter a tourney. You buy a ticket for say 2000 XM. Now your clan has 3000 XM. understand? (yea, it will affect overall ladder rank)tourney prizes would be for round won, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places too. NO REAL MONEY HERE. This XM is a new idea, you can "buy" other stuff also, a 2nd team, clan stats page sound, 3 clan banners that rotate these are just a few. hope that helps

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