We have received complaints about various connection issues that players are currently having. We apologize for the inconvenience, and would like to provide people with an update on how you can minimize the occurrences of these issues.

Server/Client vs Peer to Peer

25 to Life uses a Peer to Peer network protocol. The game is actually played with all the PS2s completely in sync. This requires more bandwidth than PC games or client-server games like SOCOM 3 and Counter-strike. Since every PS2 in a game must be in sync, limited bandwidth on one player’s internet connection, inappropriate firewall restrictions, or incorrect network setup can detract from other participants game experience – and could result in lag, or disconnects.

The 25 to Life servers only handle Clans, Friends, Accounts, and Matchmaking. A few of the issues can occur in the matchmaking process, and we are taking steps to minimize some of these occurrences. Recently the issue where players would receive a "failure to report stats" message has been fixed. If any players receive this message, please contact Eidos via our forums.

In addition, issues where players encounter a failure when joining a game can occur if they join a game after the status of the game has changed. To reduce these type of errors, we recommend that you join games with a low ping number, and multiple available slots.

Creating private games amongst players that have approved router and connection settings should drastically reduce the amount of errors you receive in game as well.

Addressing Cheating

We are aware that players are using codebreakers to cheat online. These players are in violation of two parts of our Online Agreement, and their accounts will be banned and their statistics will be reset. We ask for your patience while we deal with these players.