Thread: GILGAMESH Ultimania Omega Scan Mostly Translated by Espritduo

GILGAMESH Ultimania Omega Scan Mostly Translated by Espritduo

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    As you know he wields 6 Weapons. And 5 of these weapons have descriptions on where he found them in his dimensional exploits.

    Excalibur-This was a holy sword I found in a hidden room of a Kingdom called Alexandria. With crystal shining the colors of a rainbow and glittering metal, it was dazzling. I wonder why a Unicorn was engraved on it?(From FFIX)

    Muramasa-A short sword I found in the abandoned ruins of a place called Zanarkand. The hatred of those who lost their lives in the disaster of "Sin" still dwells within the blade.(From FFX)

    Zantetsuken(Chaos Claw/Nail)-An object that falls off and is replaced as the nails/claws of Chaos, the chaotic king of discord, grow. It appears to be made of crystal. Because it's rare, I thought I'd pick it up. Even though it is just a husk, it is still endowed with the power of death.(From Dissidia)

    Masamune-In a kingdom called Doma, I picked up this sword from a river stained with poison. Even though I picked it up a long time ago and it must be many years old, it does not appear to age.(From FFVI)

    Bashosen-Just a few years ago I was thinking of my comrade Enkidu, who at some point had been a craftsmen of Cocoon. So this is sort of in his Cocoon style.(From FFXIII)

    ^Regarding Bashosen, another has confirmed that GILGAMESH actually crafted the war fan in memory of his friend Enkidu, which means GILGAMESH is the craftsmen referencing his shop he had in XIII.

    Enjoy the info. Good stuff.

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    Man, this information is extremely interesting. (Now if someone could get John DiMaggio to read this and film him...)

    Thanks for sharing this.
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    Nice thanks for the info ^_^