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Thread: Will there be a FFXIII-3?

Will there be a FFXIII-3?

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    Will there be a FFXIII-3?

    ... Final Fantasy XIII-3?

    After the events of the game's ending, as well as Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess, I'll be very, very surprised if another sequel isn't made. Lightning definitely seems determined to bring Serah back, and then there's also the issue of chaos being brought into Gran Pulse. I'm pumped for the sequel, especially if they introduce new roles like they did in L:RotG.

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    Yes! I want XIII-3 so much! I want Lightning to be the main character again, and start kicking some butt like in XIII. A few things that I would like to see in XIII-3:

    1)New graphics engine? I can't help but feel the Crystal Tools is getting dated. I mean, aside from the character's face, everything else is quite "blocky" like the character's shoulders, arms, sleeves..etc. And the cutscenes were not as smooth, probably due to the fact that the cutscenes are rendered in real time. But that's no excuse because other games that have cutscenes rendered in real time has much better fluidity and polygon count.

    2) Human party traditional FFs. I'm expecting to see Lightning, Serah(?), Noel, Snow, Hope, Vanille, Fang in action.

    3) Bring back Serah! She can't die...that's way too devastating for Lightning.

    4) No more time travel...I want to be able to explore Gran Pulse. Not something open world(would be nice, but most likely impossible), but something like FFX's where you actually get to see a map of the world and pick destinations to go to. Because, we all know that there's so much more to Gran Pulse that hasn't been explored yet. There's SO much potential there.

    5) and of course, an EPIC story.

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    A XIII-3 has not been announced, but I think the story can be concluded in other ways similar to the Episode i novel for FINAL FANTASY XIII.

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    I would loveeeee to see a Final Fantasy XIII-3! I really want to see the rest of the XIII saga! I hope they announce it sometime this year or maybe early next year at another premiere event.

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    I wouldn't mind XIII-3, but not before they finish Versus XIII. Get that out the door and then go crazy with XIII-3.

    I think most people could agree with that

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    I absolutely loved 13 and 13-2 and I hope they finish off the story with another game, I just hope they let you pick your main character early in the story... Also, more DLC: I heard a lot of people complaining about paying for more DLC for 13-2, but I honestly didn't mind it and looked forward to each new release.

    On another note, I'm looking forward to 13-3 more than I am Versus.

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    I also want to see the end of the story. at first i hated FFXIII for about a year. Then a year went by and i played it again and loved the story. I understand why 13 was linear and how it went with the story, but I also wanted to see more and how the story goes. I was wondering.. why was Caius not in 13 let alone Yuel?

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    If ever, I wonder if xiii-3 would be about saving Serah again :P

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    I want to see how the others will react to Serah's death, especially Snow. 13-3 would be awesome and hope the graphics for it (if they make it) will be better than 13-2.

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    I say they should do a FF13-3 even though the ending and secert ending made it clear they'll

    be a FF13-3. Ha, Square-Enix is most likely working on it right now as we speak.

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    I wouldn't mind a Final Fantasy XIII-3. I love Lightning. She's such an awesome character. Not just that though, but FFXIII has such interesting mythology. What's wrong with a trilogy? The sooner they can get an FF title out for me to master and Platinum, the better lol. I take each game for what is it. There's almost nothing i didn't enjoy about each game (except VIII's junction system and XII's gambit system).

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    I just hope the story is better than in 13 / 13-2 for being "Fabula Nova Crystallis" with the main themes being Pulse, Mywnn, Buhnivelze, Etro...they weren't in the story that much and Etro seems really ...impuslive...

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    XIII-3, I didn't expect the game to end the way it did... but when and if they do make a XIII-3, I wonder how they are going to conclude the story.

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    FINAL FANTASY 13 and FF13-2 is far the best FF series i believe(even better then FF7). It gives Epic Exciting Plot and Advanced Battle system that requires knowledge. In FF13-3 i would love to see a HAPPY ENDING :<

    FF13-2 had me cryin' when Serah died, it suprised me because Toriyama said that FF13-2 was suppose to have happy ending for Lightning. SO I HOPE SQUARE ENIX MAKES FINAL FANTASY 13-3 and GIVE LIGHTNING A GOOD ENDING (bring back Serah also! )

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    All I ask is they do something with all the teasers they keep dangling in front of the player and then never mentioning again. Those would be:

    1. Titan battle! Do it! I don't care if it causes the PS3 to explode, I want to beat that turtle-munching mountain-man down. Atlas just doesn't cut it.

    2. A fight against that giant flying caterpillar/dragon thing that you see when you first are falling to Pulse in FFXIII. You can see it in the promotional artwork for the game too. It's in the upper right corner, and is awesomely unexplained in the game.

    3. Show more of the fal'Cie, and FIGHT more of the fal'Cie. The only fal'Cie we fight in FFXIII are Anima, Barthandelus and Daharka. And we don't fight ANY in FFXIII-2, besides Adam, which is just Anima v.2. That's it. What happened to Bismark? Why didn't they do anything with him in FFXIII-2? Atomos, Carbuncle, Phoenix, and all the others.

    4. Fenrir. What the heck? This was one of the most interesting, epic and mysterious plot-points in FFXIII-2, and they just ignored this guy completely after introducing him. How do you ignore a fal'Cie the size of the moon?

    5. The 13th Ark. FFXIII-2 makes this thing, talks about it like it's the most important thing in the universe, and then...forgets about completely. I seriously thought this would be the final part of the final dungeon, but I was sorely disappointed. I though you would first travel through the deserted Academia, then climb up through the new artificial Cocoon for part 2 of the dungeon, then work your way through the 13th Ark for the final part, and THEN you go to Valhalla to finish things up. Nope. A little platforming to get to the center of Academia...and you're done.

    6. The five dieties of the FFXIII world. Start explaining them. Etro is the one that's been talked about the most, and yet we still know next to nothing about her. And then there's Pulse, Lindzei, Mwynn and Bhunivelze. I want to know exactly what's up with all five of these beings. I want to fight them! How can you have a proper FF without killing a god or two?

    7. A Malboro. That's all I ask. Give me a FFXIII version of Malboro.

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    Yes i would love to see ff13-3 or even more dlc's for the meantime

    The story hasnt ended yet imo there's alot more SE can work as mentioned by espritduo

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    Originally Posted by imported_Alex

    I wouldn't mind a Final Fantasy XIII-3. I love Lightning. She's such an awesome character.

    Ugh. I loved XIII-2, don't get me wrong, but I absolutely hated how they treated Lightning in it. In the first game, she always had an attitude, even towards the very end. In XIII-2, though, she seemed a lot more... bland. I still love her, but they kinda botched her personality in the sequel.

    Same thing for Snow. He seemed much more arrogant in XIII-2, and didn't seem all that concerned when he finally caught up with Serah again. Meanwhile, in XIII, he was constantly worried about her, always thought about her, etc.

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    Yeah, Final Fantasy XIII story is not finished yet... I know that we will see Lightning again I wouldn't mind to get another PS3/XBOX360 game.<o></o>

    The biggest issue I had with 13-2 was the lack of regular party members! Monsters were fun for a while but I want to be able to choose who is in my party and be able to actually control the character...<o></o>

    Well let&rsquo;s wait and see I&rsquo;m sure there will be some news soon

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    There's one thing to make clear, it's not the same people working on Versus. If you want to complain about Versus, then complain to Nomura, who is always doing KH games. And since Versus is shaping up to be a sausage fest, give me XIII-3 and a female protagonist.

    Onto the topic, XIII's story is definitely not over. I can only hope they decide to make XIII-3, with Lightning as protagonist to finish it. I mean, with Serah dead, Vanille and Fang in crystal sleep, Snow trapped, and with no news about Sazh, Noel and Hope, it's not like they have another choice for a main character.

    But with the TBC, the DLC not actually solving anything and the after credits scene (unless SE is dumb, they know what an after credit scene means), i'd say the chances of having XIII-3 are pretty good.

    Seriously, finishing a game saga with a novel? Are you crazy? It's not like the XIII novels or the Mass Effect novels, that are completely skipable.

    A few weeks ago, SE decided that they wanted to make FFs faster to compete with series like AC and CoD, so they will probably use the same engine they used for XIII-2. They already have experience using it and a ton of material already done.

    And I hope that SE is reading this because if we just wanted to troll and complain, we would be insulting each other over at gamefaqs.

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    Originally Posted by Aleister

    And I hope that SE is reading this...

    I doubt this NA SE site has any weight or influence in what goes on with Final Fantasy development.

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    I can not wait to play FF XIII-3.

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    Will there be a final fantasy XIII-3

    would any body be able to give me any info if there will be a final fantasy XIII-3

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    Anything stated until something officially announced would just be speculatory.

    If we are to hear anything though, I would expect around Tokyo Game Show in September and not at E3. It's just a little too soon right now after the final DLC release.

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    Originally Posted by Fire

    A XIII-3 has not been announced, but I think the story can be concluded in other ways similar to the Episode i novel for FINAL FANTASY XIII.

    Who wants an XIII-3 novel? nobody.

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    If there is a way to wrap spoiler tags around this, I apologize that I don't know how.

    There was a secret ending after the ending credits. After lightning enters crystal-stasis there is a caption that says "In a distant future", Lightning is then shown walking through A Dying World 700AF and then the game fades to black. To me that definitely hints at a sequel. Even if not in the form of a game, but a movie a la Advent Children. But hopefully they do, as video games rarely end with the bad guy winning.

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