Thread: The World Ends With You PREQUEL ?

The World Ends With You PREQUEL ?

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    Because to me a PREQUEL of this game would be epic, it would give more depth to the story and reason. like it could tell about other players storys in the years before Neku showed up. because it said another player played more than one week before in it too so it kind leaves ya asking why do only a few players play more than one week and why ?

    also if you play Another Day in it, it talks about different worlds witch that left me wanting more of the game.

    and the most biggest part of the reason is I want a PREQUEL to the game is to know more about the Reaper games.

    so who's in on a Prequel

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    Well we saw it was highly unusual for a person to win, so there usually aren't enough players to fill the slots allowed back to life (Megs said it was different every game, so it isn't always 1). Plus, after all of that hardship it wouldn't be likely for one to decide to go through it again. Most would rather give up or become a Reaper. When you consider all of that, it makes sense that it would have happened before, but not often. Another Day added all of the backstory we needed for Week 2/Week 3 Neku. In Week 1, he has no necessary backstory because he remembers nothing. They've hinted heavily towards a sequel, and that makes a lot more sense. When you really think about it (and 100% the game) we've been given all of the important information we need, so there isn't any need to go backwards as of right now.

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    just asking not to be rude but have you even played the game ? or did you look it up on wiki ?

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    I have played the game three times, twice of which I had 100% items, pins mastered, bestiary, etc. and maxed stats. I actually started a fourth playthrough three days ago in anticipation for KHDDD. Currently, TWEWY is my 3rd favorite game and my favorite to come out in the last 10 years.

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    okay just asking sorry if it hurt your feelings or anything like that just asking.

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    Personally I just loved this game it was very original, stylish, and a blast to play! Whether sequel or prequel, I would love to see this become a series!

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    Prequel...Sequel...I wouldn't care and would play it as long as it's related to TWEWY xD

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    Originally Posted by White_Ninja5

    Personally I just loved this game it was very original, stylish, and a blast to play! Whether sequel or prequel, I would love to see this become a series!

    wouldn't we all ?

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    alright, another day, when going to the top of pork city, neku mentions that he had a friend, who died. i've heard people say (and agree) that such a thing could very well be what caused him to be shut out and antisocial in the main game, a friend who just "let him down". so, my personal vote is that a second twewy involve nekus friend as main character, and that during the game, nekus friend makes multiple attempts to contact neku, tell him he's allright, forgive neku for somehing, or perhaps apologize for something. just my thoughts

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    I'd rather see a sequel to be honest. Taking place in another city or place that emphasizes the angels, since little was mentioned about them and the "higher ups" they kept mentioning.