Thread: The strangest Crash of them all.

The strangest Crash of them all.

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    The strangest Crash of them all.

    Well I purchsed good ol Project Snowblind earlier today, installed as usual (It's a PC DVD-Rom)

    So after the installation, I played it safe and went with Default Settings...nows here the thing.

    It goes to a grey screen and stays like that, nothing happens, the DVD stops and the computer stops working.

    Anything to solve this problem?

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    Well, I hope you got a good price on Snowblind 'cuz some might say it's a lemon. However, I shall endeavour to help you.

    The first thing you want to try is bring up the Project Snowblind Setup menu through your windows Start menu. You'll need the DVD in the drive, I believe. You're looking for an entry called Full Screen Effects which you'll want to disable. This is the most common problem on startup. It *sounds* like this is your problem, but Snowblind is surprising like that.

    You might also want to try the Set Affinity Fix. This may help you if you're running a comp with Hyperthreading technology. Startup Snowblind as usual, then Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up your Windows Task Manager. In the processes Tab you should find a Snowblind entry. Right-click that entry, should be called Snowblind.exe, left click Set Affinity then uncheck CPU 1. Click on your minimised Snowblind window and see if that works.

    I'll assume you've met all the minimum requirements of the game, but check on the back of the box once again, and make sure that you do. If you'd like anymore help post your comp specs next time.

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    Actually I just found out what to do to fix it anyways...

    I just went to settings and took off Full Screen Effects.

    Now so that I don't spam up the boards...

    I've been getting this weird crackleing sound during the game, like at times, it'll sound normal, then crackle for a few minutes, then go back to normal.