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Review Scores for Total Overdose

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    Review Scores for Total Overdose

    If you're not yet sure if you want to spend your money on this game, you should go check out MetaCritic; a site which has links to all known reviews for the game.

    PC scores
    Xbox Scores
    PS2 scores

    After you've played the game, be sure to submit your score there as well. You don't need to subscribe or anything, and you can also write a little review.

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    More reviews:

    and Gamerankings usually have an overall score of all the reviews as well.

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    i just finished the game. incredibly fun game to play.

    the gun play was really well done. although the GTA style of running around doing missions was a bit too simple. but the gun play made that part forgettable. the racing was fun too. i think this kind game fits PC incrediblly well! i read many reviews kept saying that the control was a bit wonky. but for me, keyboard and mouse combination was super! i like that you could collect items. wish i could have gadgets to collect, like a batman utility bell for one time use i wish i could have more control over melee though. and i wish i could climb, there're some places i couldn't reach to collect items. i just can't find the solutions, it's sad. i mean i am stupid... cant' figure out how to reach those places.

    this game was really funny! i am suprised there's no people talking about this game! maybe it's too simple. however, i really did have a great time with it! i just registered on this forum to say this to praise the developers, i think they did a wonderful job. i know they probably are doing one for psp, but i won't be able to get that one since i don't have a psp. i hope they get more success there over PC and Console versions.

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    Hello sick...
    I have visited the link which you given for reviews of the game "Total Overdose". There i get amazing reviews for this game. After reading your reviews i am thinking to purchase this game. This game looks very enjoyable.
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    Originally Posted by gorilla325
    i just can't find the solutions, it's sad. i mean i am stupid... cant' figure out how to reach those places.

    Sometimes you have to use the wires and lines to get over to somewhere else, have to jump off early etc., have to jump your car or bike via ramp onto the buildings etc. This game got away with the plot of drugs surely b/c they're based on being DEA agents!