Technical Support Forum Disclaimer

If you are reading this, you most likely are having a technical issue with your game. We at Eidos apologize for this inconvenience, and wish to provide you support so that your issue can be resolved.

There are currently 3 main methods of recieving support for your game:

#1: Check the appropriate FAQ page

If available, links to a FAQ page for common issues for a game can be found in a thread stickied in its Technical Forum. If you follow the link, you may be able to find a solution instantly.

#2: Post on the Forum

The Technical forums have been set up to provide our user base with an additional means to help solve technical issues they may be having with their Eidos game. However, please note that these forums are not official Eidos Technical Support. Although many Eidos employees visit and help out members of these forums, a large percentage of the help that users receive on this forum is from other members. (To whom we are thoroughly thankful for their help.) However, we do know that some very intelligent people are here and may be willing to help you out with your issue. This is a good place to check, and many people have been helped in a very professional and timely fashion.

#3: Email our Official Customer Support

In order to send email our Official Customer Support, follow the appropriate link to the FAQ page for the appropriate title, and if none of the above solutions are for your problem, use the link at the bottom of the screen to send an email. You can also access the Eidos Customer Support website using this link.

If you choose to post on these forums, remember that the Eidos Incorporated Terms of Use do apply. In addition to these rules, please take note of the following guidelines so that you can receive proper support.

Do not post questions about game hints or tips.

The Technical Forums are a place to receive support for “Technical” issues. This does not include hints or tips about a game. These types of questions should be asked in either a General Discussion or Game Help forum.

A technical issue would be along the lines of a problem getting a game to run on your computer setup. Or you are unable to install a patch properly. These types of problems generally occur only on PC games.

Be as detailed as possible.

The more detailed you are in describing your issue, the better support you are going to receive. The people that answer questions do not have the ability to read your mind (though many seem to think they do), and if they are unable to understand your problem, they will be unable to help you.

Include detailed system specifications. Include precise steps that occurred before your problem occurred. It’s always better to be more detailed, than to leave details up to the imagination.

Follow these guidelines, and hopefully you will get the appropriate support that you need!